• Cameron Douglas

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    Camp Okizu

    Ellen Sweigert’s leukemia treatment took a turn for the better with the family’s discovery of Camp Okizu, a summer camp for children with cancer. The camp is located at Berry Creek, California, 70 miles north of Sacramento.
    When a child is diagnosed with cancer, things change. It becomes very hard for that child to engage in activities the rest of us take for granted. Camp Okizu was set up to provide a “level playing field” for kids who have lost their hair during chemotherapy, had to face a limb amputation or suffered a relapse after months or years off treatment. Okizu is the only place other than the hospital where children undergoing treatment for cancer can interact with others in the same situation. It provides them with a true camping experience, free from having to be the “different” kid. Read more…»


    By Julia Sweigert

    She walks with the rest

    The same, yet different.

    She stands out alone

    Smaller, but so much bigger.

    She lags behind while

    Trying harder than anyone to keep up.

    She holds a special place in my heart as in the

    Hearts of so many others

    Irreplaceable, she is so perfect

    In her own unique way.

    Some may talk about her or

    Laugh or point at her.

    *Does it care? Does she care?

    Once they know her,

    She becomes a precious jewel in

    Their lives.

    Amidst change and hardship

    She remains the same,

    Dependable and strong.

    *Italicized line taken from Robinson Jeffers’ poem Carmel Point

    Gateway Center proposes re-licensing of facility

    Access to funding will be enhanced

    By Joe Fabeets

    The Pacific Grove City Council convened on April 29 and approved a recommendation from Senior Planner Sarah Hardgrave to re-license Gateway Center into three separate licensed facilities. These would be on the same site. The recommendation stated that, based on special local needs and conditions, a change in licensing structure will not result in an intensification of existing land use or an excess concentration of residential care facilities. Read more…»

    Gateway Center Presents 3rd Annual Rock & Rod Car Show

    by Cameron Douglas

    Gateway Center will present the third annual “Rock & Rod Festival” at the Monterey County Fairgrounds May 29-31. This celebration of 50s & 60s rock and roll and custom and classic cars benefits the developmentally disabled adults of Monterey County. There will be lots of great food. Entertainment will run the entire weekend with music from Los High Tops, Jeremy “Elvis” Pearce, The Yard Dogs and the Chicano All Stars. Show goers can also look forward to a special appearance by Flo and Eddy of The Turtles, plus Ron Dante of The Archies. Read more…»

    Reassessment Reality

    By Cameron Douglas

    Many property owners in Monterey County have received or will receive solicitations from private companies offering services to obtain a reduction in assessed property value. The private companies charge a fee for this, typically $100 or more.
    However, the County Tax Assessor’s Office performs this same service for free. The Assessor’s Office is required to assess real estate at its Proposition 13 indexed base year value, or its January First market value, whichever is less. If the market value of your property has declined below its indexed base year value, you will be assessed at that lower value – for no fee at all – when the Assessor finalizes the assessment roll in late June. Read more…»

    Barber’s ‘Spirit Ride’: Amazing things happen

    Each year, Fred Reynolds and three of his close friends save their money for a motorcycle trip, which they usually take in late September. On their journey, they stay vigilant for one thing – people needing help. And when they come upon someone in need, amazing things happen. Read more…»

    The Jewel on the Hill: Barbershop serves in many ways

    By Cameron Douglas

    There is a rare red-white-and-blue gem in the Forest Hill Plaza shopping center, standing as tall and proud as the tradition it represents. A striped pole to the left of the entrance proclaims, “LOOK BETTER – FEEL BETTER.” Go through the door and find yourself transported to another place and time in a true sanctuary for men – although women come here too. Read more…»

    ‘Magic Carpet’ clean-up

    By Cameron Douglas

    More than 60 neighborhood volunteers donated their time and labor to spruce up a good portion of the rec trail on March 28. It marked the second year for this community team effort. Volunteers were seen all along the trail from Esplanade to Lovers’ Point, pulling weeds and trimming ice plant. Read more…»

    City Receives Affordable Housing Report

    by Cameron Douglas

    Each year, the Housing Division of the Pacific Grove Community Development Department monitors properties that have received discretionary approvals for the creation of secondary housing and affordable housing units. This is to verify the terms and conditions related to the units created. In its annual report, the 2008 monitoring program found that of 65 approved Second Units in Pacific Grove, 58 property owners certified that they meet the on-site residency requirement. Read more…»

    PG Planning Commission Reviews Farmers’ Market

    By Cameron Douglas

    The Pacific Grove Farmer’s Market, struggling through bad weather and a serious economic downturn, faced the Pacific Grove Planning Commission as part of its six-month review on March 5. Sounding like a replay of most other reviews the Farmers Market has faced, the same questions arose: How is the downtown Pacific Grove Farmers’ Market doing? Does it live up to its initial proposal? How is it affecting local businesses? Should it be moved to another location? Would it be better on a different day? Should it be opened up to other vendors in Monterey County? Should it continue at all?

    Read more…»

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