• High Hats and Parasols

    The news… from 100 years ago.

    by Jon Guthrie

    Please bear in mind that historical articles such as “High Hats & Parasols” present our history — good and bad — in the language and terminology used at the time. The writings contained in are quoted from Pacific Grove/Monterey publications from 100 years in the past. Please also note that any items listed for sale in “High Hats” are “done deals,” and while we would all love to see those prices again, people also worked for a dollar a day back then. Thanks for your understanding.

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    The Steinbeck Interview

    As we work on the 2016 Year in Review, we have uncovered a couple of pieces which have been lost for a number of years due to the vagaries of the computer medium and the lack of organization on the part of the editor. This piece was once one of the most popular on our website. We are happy to publish it again, as we have located the original submission by the author. Read more…»

    Hats, 7/10/15

    Hats, 7/3/15

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    Hats, 6/19/15

    Hats, 6/12/15

    Hats, 5/29/15

    Hats, 5/22/15

    Hats, 5/15/15

    Hats, 5/8/15

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    Hats, 3/6/15

    Hats, 2/27/15

    Hats, 2/20/15

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    Hats, 1/30/15

    Hats, 1/23/15

    Hats, 1/16/15

    Hats, 1/9/15

    Hats, 1/2/15

    Hats, 12/26/14

    Hats, 12/19/14

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