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    The City of Pacific Grove Endorses Carbon Fee and Dividend Resolution

    By Maribel R. Andonian, Co-Leader Citizens Climate Lobby

    On Wednesday, February 7, the City of Pacific Grove unanimously (7-0) voted to endorse Carbon Fee and Dividend, national carbon pricing legislation proposed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) and presented to the Council by the Monterey chapter. Pacific Grove is the third local city (along with the cities of Monterey and Marina) to endorse CCL’s national carbon pricing plan.

    The Mayor and Council members did for Pacific Grove what more and more cities, their mayors and city council members are doing these days to overcome the lack of leadership from the President and his administration—they took local action to protect current and future generations from the destructive effects of the increasing carbon dioxide pollution that results from burning fossil fuels.

    Climate advocates rank climate change as the most important issue facing humanity today and work to find effective, immediate, solutions to this urgent problem. Climate change affects all aspects of our current lifestyle. It threatens national security, economic security, and public health to name just three immediate impacts. We must act now to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels or our children and grandchildren will inherit a vastly different—and less livable–world. Read more…»

    More than 1 million gallons untreated wastewater released into the Bay this morning

    Monterey One Water (M1W) formerly known as Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (MRWPCA) encountered an equipment control failure at the Regional Treatment Plant in Marina this morning 1-20-18 and discharged untreated wastewater into the Monterey Bay through their ocean outfall discharge pipe. The discharge pipe extends out into the ocean two miles.
    The Agency is still calculating the exact amount of wastewater released into the ocean but estimates are over a million gallons. M1W promptly notified the offices and appropriate personnel of the Marina Fire Department, Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, Monterey County Environmental Health Department and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). M1W staff immediately started sampling the local beaches near the spill site for elevated bacteria levels.
    Results from these samples will be posted on the M1W’s website immediately after they are compiled. Subsequent information will be provided on the Agency’s website as it becomes available.
    Turnouts and beaches closed for health reasons!

    UPDATE: Estimates now are that 4.9 million gallons were spilled

    Letter to CEMEX

    Assemblymember Mark Stone sent us a copy of the letter that went out to CEMEX, the sand mining operation in Marina, which is on the edge of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and has for years threatened sensitive coastal habitat, damaged public and private property, and exploited state resources without paying for them. CEMEX Lapis plant letter 5-16-17

    How are the Condors faring under threat of the Soberanes Fire?

    The San Jose Mercury News has an excellent article about the well-being of the endangered California condors which make Big Sur their home.


    Local Coastal Plan Update

    On June 16 the City of Pacific Grove Planning Commission will discuss the Implementation Plan dated June 1, 2016 and a recommendation to Council.  A Special Planning Commission meeting the week of June 20, 2016 may also be considered. Council will continue the item from June 15 to a Special Meeting on June 29. Read more…»

    Eelgrass Restoration Bill Goes from Senate to Assembly

    eelgrass Senate Bill (SB) 1363, authored by Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel), passed off of the Senate Floor and now heads to the Assembly.  The bill requires the Ocean Protection Council (OPC), in coordination with the State Coastal Conservancy (SCC), to establish a program to restore eelgrass in order to mitigate the impacts of global warming on the ocean and on California’s coastal plant and animal species.eelgrasswithattachedorgs Read more…»

    Local Coastal Plan Update May, 2016

    The Coastal Commission will report out on recent workshops concerning the Local Coastal Program Planning process and Sea Level Rise Planning at their May 11, 2016 meeting in Newport Beach. Read more…»

    Invasion of the Oxalis: But Wait, There’s More

    By Bruce Cowan

    There are several species of oxalis occuring locally, including native redwood sorrel (Oxalis oregana) with white flowers growing under redwood trees in Big Sur, and several others–mostly small non-native weeds. The most invasive is the pretty yellow one often referred to as Bermuda buttercup (Oxalis pes-caprae) shown in last week’s front page photo. This species is from Africa, not Bermuda, and was probably introduced as an ornamental. Sourgrass is another name because it has oxalic acid to give it a sour taste. Read more…»

    Xerxes Society: Monarch Numbers Up, But Still a Long Journey to Recovery

    Favorable weather boosts population but numbers remain relatively low Read more…»

    Lecture: Our Beaches and Dunes at the Edge of the Sea

    dunesOn Thursday, December 13, from 3-4:30 p.m. at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, 165 Forest Avenue, Coastal biologist Dave Shonman will tell us how the wind, the waves, the ocean currents and rivers interact with plants and animals (including people) to create, maintain and sometimes damage our region’s beaches and dunes, Read more…»

    A New Book About Ed Ricketts!

    Sustainable Pacific Grove and the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History will co-host the launch of a new book that includes a never-published essay by the famed biologist. It’s about a 10-week trip from the Puget Sound to Southeast Alaska. . .and so much more.ERCRTSA COVER Read more…»

    State Will Loan Pacific Grove $7.2 million for Local Water Project

    Despite the misgivings of some, the State Water Resources Control Board today [11-18-15] awarded a $7.2 million loan at 1% interest to the City of Pacific Grove for use on the Local Water Project which will divert sewer water for treatment to be used for nonpotable water needs such as the Golf Links and El Carmelo Cemetery. Mayor Bill Kampe, representatives of Cal Am, and Dave Stoldt from Monterey Peninsula Water Management District were among the proponents speaking in favor of the matter before the State board.

    Pacific Grove’s Changing Shoreline: how will we adapt?

    As we approach winter and the likelihood of an El Niño weather pattern, SPG encourages the public to examine the prospect of sea-level rise and of increasingly severe storms. Is our beautiful coast ready? Is our infrastructure at risk?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Read more…»

    A tale of conservation biological control for Halloween

    Being fans of wordplay and of Edward Gorey (you see his drawings if you watch “Mystery!’ on PBS) we could not resist reprinting this allegorical tale provided by the Xerces Society, advocates for insects and particularly Monarchs. Enjoy it. Read more…»

    Ventana Surfboards & Supplies Named 2015 Ocean Business of the Year

    Save Our Shores’ 7th annual award recognizes leaders in marine conservation

    Read more…»

    Your Lawn During Drought: Six Tips To Help You Cope

    By the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute Read more…»

    Save Our Shores Program Director discovers an unlikely visitor

    Pufferfish wash up after Monterey Bay red crab tideIMG_7687

    Last weekend, Oct. 17-18, Save Our Shores Program Director, Rachel Kippen, walked the Monterey Bay coastline to scout new places for student field trips. Along her 20 mile trek from Sunset State Beach in Santa Cruz County to Del Monte Beach in Monterey Bay County, she came across what looked like two pufferfish washed up in the wrack line about a four miles south of Marina State Beach.

    Read more…»

    Local Coastal Program Meetings

    The City’s Local Coastal Program is in the midst of an Update and you are invited to participate in TWO upcoming Community Workshops: Workshop flyer rev Read more…»

    Monarch season begins in October

    The season of orange and black is nearly upon us.

    Monarch butterflies will return to the Monterey Peninsula beginning in October, with even higher numbers expected to arrive in November. With the start of their over-wintering season, Sanctuary docents with the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History will once again staff the site beginning Saturday, October 3, from noon to 3 p.m. Read more…»

    SOS Annual Coastal Cleanup Volunteers Remove 6.2 tons of Pollution

    Time Grows Short to Save an Old Forest

    D.E.I.R. Proves Alternate Sites are Superior for Pebble Beach Inclusionary Housing

    Read more…»

    A Big Bat at a Big Conference

    What do astronauts, musicians, inventors, photographers, mythbusters, magicians, aviators, archeologists, a 100 year-old cardiologist, Alan Turing experts, and a great big bat all have in common?

    Read more…»

    Volunteers remove more than 3,300 pounds of pollution for Earth Day

    Save Our Shores cleaned 10 sites on April 18 with the help of 408 participants
      Read more…»

    Spring Bird Count & Cleanup: Volunteers Needed

    Earliest start to Snowy Plover nesting season in 32 years of study

    An early start could be beneficial for this shorebird species threatened by sea level rise and storm surges, but they need the help of beach goers. 

    Read more…»

    Watch video of a seal pup rescue

    An abandoned harbor seal pup is rescued by Marine Mammal Center’s experienced people. Don’t try this yourself – contact Bay Net volunteers or Marine Mammal Center. Pups are not always abandoned which seem to be. Hope you’re a facebook member and can see this very short video.



    First Viable Seal Pup Born at Hopkins Beach

    Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove
    Kim Worrell

    Seal Pup #1 and his mom at Hopkins Beach

    Seal Pup #1 and his mom at Hopkins Beach

    Read more…»

    Museum volunteers aid with oystercatcher monitoring

    Plastic Bag Ban Starts March 1 in Pacific Grove

    Orban Forestry Study Needs Input

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