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    Lighting the City Christmas Tree: Young and old alike join with joy

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    Highlights of the Nov. 2013 Shoe Game


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    Honoring Vets at Robert Down School

    Robert Down Elementary School on Pine Avenue honored veterans and active military personnel on Friday, November 8.  In the school “Ottertorium,” the students heard inspirational words from United States Army Sergeant First Class Timothy Keesecker.  Sergeant First Class Keesecker and his sons, Carter and Jack, were the Masters of Ceremony for the event. Sergeant First Class Keesecker explained the history behind Veterans Day.  Carter and Jack Keesecker lead the students in the Pledge of Allegiance and in singing a patriotic song. A moment of silence was held in honor of deceased military members for their service and protection of our country.

    Special guests included veterans and uniformed fathers, mothers, brothers, aunts, and grandparents representing the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force and the Norwegian military.   Children of the military personnel present announced each person to the crowd of 500+ students, staff, and parents. Both of Bella Green’s grandparents, John Goulart and John Lomato, attended.  Bella told the audience that her Grandfather Lomato was in the U.S. Navy and her 92 year old Grandfather Goulart was in the Air Force during World War II.  It was evident how proud all the students were of their family members in the military.

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    Spiders & Snakes

    More than 1400 children and adults attended the recent Science Saturday at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History: Spiders & Snakes. Carmel Middle School teacher, Pat Stadille, brought his collection of spiders — including tarantulas, which the children handled. Wally Brode from Stone’s Pet Shop is a terrarium specialist and he brought his pythons and boas, including a colorful rainbow boa. (Photos by Tony Prock)

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    Spooky Doin’s

    Decorated houses, downtown trick-or-treating, a haunted house at the library…Pacific Grove loves Halloween. There were fairies and princesses, super heroes, calypso dancers and one lone angler fish. There was a reluctant dragon and a pair of vampires as well as a small otter, and plenty of adults who got into the act. We recognized a reference librarian dressed as ….a reference librarian.

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    Blessing of Canterbury Animals: Ruff!

    Photos by Marley Knoles

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    Pacific Grove Triathlon – Sept. 13-15

    Candia Concert

    Butterfly Criterium 2009

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    Send money, not trash!

    trash-a-thon-featured.jpgThe 8th grade graduating class of Monterey Bay Charter School, most of whom have been together since kindergarten, held a “Trash-A -Thon” on April 17 not only to raise money for their upcoming graduation trip, a five-day rafting venture on the Klamath River, but also “to help Pacific Grove,” in the words of Hannah, one of the students. As of 11:30 that morning, they had raised $986 and the proceeds were sure to go higher. The students said they were helped in great part by “Philly Billy” Clements who, when approached, not only donated $20 but took the litter pickers around to fellow merchants and raised $150 for them. In-kind gifts from other Pacific Grove merchants included a box of donuts, much appreciated by the hungry students, and some coupons. They were also handed a full bag of garbage and found a piece of cash iron which added to the weight of the total — 335 pounds by 11:30 a.m. The preponderance of trash, according to the students, was cigarette butts. Another interesting find was a dead bird. The students were assisted by their teacher, Ted Maehr, and Pacific Grove City Council Member Deborah Lindsay.  The class was also planning a car wash to help raise funds. Anyone wishing to donate — and please send money, not trash! — can send a check to MBCS 8th Grade, 1004 David Ave. #B in Pacific Grove.

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    PG Volunteers

    Around Town: AT&T Commercial Filming

    People: PG’s Finest is PG’s Finest

    He may not be your favorite City employee if you’ve ever violated Pacific Grove parking laws, but Parking Enforcement Officer Tony Marino (and the Pacific Grove Police Department) are the year’s favorites of the Executive Board of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce. Marino said, “I think it’s a set-up! I’m waiting for the rotton tomatoes.” The chamber will honor Marino and the police department at a public reception on Wednesday, March 11 from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at Passionfish, 701 Lighthouse Avenue. The public is invited for complimentary refreshments.

    Young entrepreneurs honored at awards presentation

    By Rebecca Riddell

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    The Pacific Grove Young Entrepreneur Awards (YEA!) presentation was held on Feb. 24 at Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. More than 150 people attended.

    Teachers, local business people and community leaders acknowledged approximately 120 Pacific Grove Middle School students who entered this year’s competition. A series of cash awards were presented to students who excelled in preparing comprehensive essays titled, “How I Will Create A Successful Business.” Read more…»

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    Farmer’s Market Photos by Robert Lewis

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    The Green Spot

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