• Pacific Grove Middle School

    “Lesser-known figures of the American Revolution” Second Prize – Jonah Krasa

    Jonah Krasa

    James Armistead
    How James Armistead went from slave to spy.

    Some time in the 1760’s James Armistead was born on a plantation in Virginia. In 1781 James Armisted became a spy for the French and Americans. He was sent to go into the British camp in Yorktown, Virginia while the Americans and the French were planning to attack Yorktown.

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    “Lesser-known figures of the American Revolution” Third Prize – Grace Miller

    Grace Miller

    Molly Pitcher: American Patriot
    If you were a woman in the 1700s, you were either a nurse, tending to the soldiers’ wounds, or staying at home, continuing to raise your children. However, sometimes women wage wars between men. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, better known as Molly Pitcher, was one of these ladies 

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    American Revolution Essay Contest

    Cedar Street Times is proud to announce our next scholastic English essay contest is open to Pacific Grove High School students, Pacific Grove Middle School Students, and Monterey Bay Charter School students.

    The theme of this contest is “Lesser-known figures of the American Revolution”. Each essay will be a short biography of some person who is not well known that participated in the American Revolution from 1770-1783. You can choose anyone – Patriot or Loyalist, young or old, male or female, free or slave. Tell us who they are, where they lived, what they did and why they did it.

    Essays must be no more than 600 words, must contain at least 3 paragraphs; and all references (at least 2) should be listed at the end, followed by your name, grade, school and date.

    You may not plagiarize nor cut and paste text from any source. The writing must be your own. You cannot get help from parents or teachers except to understand the rules. You all agree to abide by these rules under the honor system. We trust you.

    Essays will be graded 1/3 on grammar and punctuation, 1/3 on style and syntax, and 1/3 on story-telling and “lesser-knownness” (if you write about George Washington, you will not win!)

    Essay entries must be emailed to Cedarstreettimes@gmail.com with a Subject Line of “Essay Contest” no later than noon Tuesday June 22. Winning entries will be printed in the June 25 issue of the Cedar Street Times—in time for Independence Day celebrations.

    We now have sponsors for $100 First Prize, $50 Second Prize, and $25 Third Prize. We may also solicit prize money for Honorable Mentions. If you are interested in being a sponsor, call Gary at 831-324-4742 or email cedarstreettimes@gmail.com. Sponsors will receive recognition in print along with the essays.

    Earth Day Essay Contest Winners

    Picking winners for this contest was very difficult. They were all truly winners. Every entry showed excellent command of the English language and an optimistic winning spirit. We at Cedar Street Times were impressed with the maturity, originality, and passion, found in every essay. The essays ranged from the philosophical to the practical. It’s no wonder our Middle School was named a 2021 California Distinguished School. We encourage our subscribers to read the full text of the essays in the current edition of the Cedar Street Times. Our apologies to Isabella Jones that her name was accidentally omitted from the end of her essay in the newspaper.

    $100 First Prize goes to Ella Williamson, eighth grade, for her essay Look, a World! It is a wonderfully personal account of moving to Pacific Grove a year ago and becoming aware of the beauty of the planet as her 3-year-old sister challenged her to look at the natural wonders of this special place. The essay was perfectly written with no grammar errors. Great Job Ella, and thank you Aurelia’s Boutique for your sponsorship.

    $50 Second Prize goes to John Schuchard, 6th grade, for his essay My New Perspective on Earth Day. John had lived in five other states before coming to Pacific Grove one an a half years ago. His essay gives a historical perspective of the formation of Earth Day which began in California in 1970. Nice work John, and thanks to Cafe Guarani for your sponsorship.

    $25 Third Prize goes to Isabella Jones, 8th grade, for her essay Our Chance. Isabella describes how daily activities of ordinary people contribute to the degradation of the environment, and she calls for a “deeper dedication and true passion” to enact lasting change for the good of the planet. Excellent writing Isabella, and thanks to The Treasure Grove for your sponsorship.

    $20 Honorable Mention prizes are going to Claire Tulley (Earth: our Wonderfully Beautiful Home), Ersi Kullolli (How we can stop the Pacific Ocean garbage patch), Grace Miller (To Celebrate the Earth), Khamiah Quinones (The Interesting History and Importance of Earth Day), and Lilah Del Castillo (Earth Day Beauty).

    Thank you Pacific Grove Rentals for your sponsorship.

    PG Middle School Honored

    Pacific Grove Middle School named a Distinguished School under the 2021 California Distinguished Schools Program. Amid the backdrop of uncertainty and hardship facing all California schools this past year, this recognition is especially remarkable. The only other school in Monterey County to be so recognized is San Benancio Middle School.

    PG Middle School Principal Sean Roach said: Being one of only two schools in Monterey County to receive this award is quite an honor. It is entirely a team effort, our faculty and staff all pulling in the same direction, with our eyes on the same prize! We’re especially proud of reducing the achievement gap and seeing big improvement in our at-promise students! PGMS is Proud!”

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