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    Will we find new water sources before the Cease and Desist Order Jan. 17, 2017?

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    Interesting Press Release From Cal-Am Water re Slant Well Permits

    Water Conservation Showcase at the Fair

    SaveWater.CA.Gov Launched to Help Communities Identify Water Waste

    MBNMS Proposes Draft EIR for Regional Water Project Desal

    Water District Outlines Water Waste Prevention Guidelines

    Pacific Grove Mayor Reminds Us of Drought Measures

    Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe recently issued updates on drought measures. He stresses reduction of landscape watering.

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    Draft EIR on Groundwater Replenishment Project Released on Earth Day

    The Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) has been released and the public comment period begun.

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    Cal-Am Rates Going Up: They plan to invest $126 million in statewide infrastructure in coming years


    The People’s Moss Landing Water Desal Project Report

    Cal-Am, Cemex reach agreement on test well site

    Agreement with Moss Landing Commercial Park to End

    Free Water Wise Interactive Workshops Set for Sept. 20

    City of Marina Declines Cal Am’s Slant Well Request: Opinion

    CalAm’s growth strategy revealed– it’s called “tuck-ins”

    Draft EIR for Cal-Am Test Well Now Available for Comment

    NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary  (MBNMS) has released a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) of a proposal by California American Water to develop and operate a temporary slant test well for obtaining information about the geologic, hydrogeologic, and water quality characteristics of coastal aquifers. Read more…»

    Monterey County Association of REALTORS® Hosting Peninsula Water Forum and Measure O Debate

    The Monterey County Association of REALTORS® (“MCAR”) will be hosting a Monterey Peninsula Water Forum, including a debate on Measure O, on Tuesday, April 22nd from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Seaside, CA. The event is open to the public and free to attend. Read more…»

    Water Management District Board Approves Interim Conservation Measures

    Expanded Conservation Outreach and Carmel River Activities the Focus of Actions

    The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) Board of Directors has voted unanimously to approve a set of increased interim conservation measures to help combat the effects of the third year of drought on the Monterey Peninsula. These measures include an increased level of conservation-focused public outreach and additional riparian vegetation and fisheries activities along the Carmel River. Read more…»

    Water Board Warns of Water Curtailment as Governor Declares Drought

    With California facing water shortfalls in the driest year in recorded state history, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. proclaimed a State of Emergency on Jan. 17, 2014 and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for these drought conditions. Read more…»

    Attempting to Clear A Muddy Stream

    By Marge Ann Jameson

    There’s an old adage which says “The water won’t run clear ’til you get the pigs out of the creek upstream.” A similar one says “The boat won’t go straight ’til everyone rows in the same direction.” With the potential of public ownership reaching the ballot this November, the water just got a lot more muddy. And it’s unclear whether everyone is rowing in the same direction or not.

    It’s not going to get better anytime soon. The deadline for the cease-and-desist order – under which we have been operating for nearly 20 years without making much progress toward alternative sources – will pass without a project, let alone a completed project. It is unknown if missing that deadline, combined with the current lack of rainwater, will result in water rationing. Rationing could kill the tourist industry on which the Monterey Peninsula depends for income, not to mention local businesses and residences. Read more…»

    Public Water Now surpasses signature goal (Rev. 1)

    Major initiative to be on June, 2014 Ballot

    By Marge Ann Jameson

    Public Water Now, the local grass-roots organization established in early 2013 to create public ownership of the Monterey Peninsula water system, has announced that it has surpassed the number of valid signatures required to put its public ownership initiative on the June 2014 ballot.

    Managing Director Ron Cohen said that the 5,600 signatures required “was accomplished in just 12 weeks and has since grown, reaching a total of more than 8,300 signatures which are being turned over to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District office here today for official registration.

    “We are thrilled to see the widespread interest in the community for an improvement in how our limited, yet vital water resources are managed,” he said. “We are especially proud that every signature was collected by one of our 150 dedicated Public Water Now volunteers. No paid helpers were used or needed.”

    Speaking at the Dec. 18, 2013 Pacific Grove City Council meeting, in response to a question by Councilmember Ken Cuneo about how public ownership of the water utility might change the rate situation, Dave Stoldt of the Water Management District gave  a neutral response. Read more…»

    Water Management District Agenda Item of Interest Has Been Pulled

    STOP THE PRESSES: The agenda item on the Water Management District’s response to the petition for an initiative measure “The Monterey Peninsula Water Service Local Ownership and Cost Savings Initiative” has been pulled from tonight’s agenda! It was sent back to committee and will be heard there on 9/25/13. Stay tuned for updates….

    Customer Rate Impact Estimates for Cal-Am Water customers told

    California American Water has updated its estimate of bill impacts for customers on the Monterey Peninsula. The company announced Fri., Sept. 13 that as a result of the proposed Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project and all other rate changes proposed between now and 2018, a typical customer should expect an approximate 40 percent increase in their bill between 2013 and the end of 2018. The increase is expected to be phased in over the next five years. Read more…»

    ‘Significant agreements’ reached by parties in water project plans

    The Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority announced July 31 that “substantial agreements” have been reached by the MPRWA, Cal-Am water company, and a number of the intervenors who had expressed concerns about Cal-Am’s  water project plans. Read more…»

    Public Water Now will Sponsor Town Hall Meeting on Purchase of Cal-Am

    Public Water Now, a ratepayer group which seeks to purchase California American Water, will sponsor a town hall meeting titled, “Why Buy Cal-Am?”  The meeting will include a panel of speakers with years of experience in Peninsula water issues, as well as a guest speaker from the national organization “Food and Water Watch.” Topics will include: Read more…»

    Public input sought on water rights issue

    The State Water Resources Control Board is accepting public comment on the draft report requested by the California Public Utilities Commission on water right issues connected with Cal Am’s proposed water supply project. At issue is Cal Am’s proposal to suck water from one of two aquifers using slant wells extending offshore into the Monterey Bay. Read more…»

    Cal-Am issues RFQ for desal builder

    California American Water issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) today, the first step in selecting the design-build (DB) contractor for the desalination infrastructure component of its Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project which it expects the California Public Utilities Commission to approve later this month. Read more…»

    Thanks, but no thanks: Cal-Am says no to mayors’ JPA requests for parallel permits

    By Marge Ann Jameson

    At the Jan. 31 meeting of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority, the area’s mayors voted unanimously to follow the suggestions of Carmel Mayor Jason Burnett and back the Cal-Am proposal before the Public Utilities Commission in hearings about solutions to the area’s water problems. But there were conditions, and now Cal-Am says it won’t be meeting at least one of those conditions. Read more…»

    Salinas Valley to Cal-Am: Don’t stick your straw in our bucket

    Four agencies voice reservations over Cal-Am plan to draft from Salinas Basin

    By Marge Ann Jameson

    POSTED 01/01/13

    California American Water, water purveyor for a great part of the Peninsula, has submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission draft plans for a desalination plant in north Marina, which would include extracting feedwater for the plant from the Salinas Basin. As presented, Cal-Am’s plan (dubbed the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project or MPWSP) would result in the lowering of groundwater levels within a radius of about two miles from the Marina plant, an area which is already experiencing seawater intrusion. The “shallow aquifer,” they state, is their preferred source but they want to retain the right to use water from the deeper aquifer, referred to as the 180-foot aquifer. Read more…»

    Lower interest rates make public water more affordable

    The small town of Felton, an unincorporated area in Santa Cruz County, saw their original water purveyor, Citizens Utilities, purchased by Cal Am a decade or so ago. Read more…»

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