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    Will we find new water sources before the Cease and Desist Order Jan. 17, 2017?

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    Confusion on the desal front

    By Marge Ann Jameson for the 12/28/12 edition

    Recent articles in the local press have carried conflicting accounts of what is occurring at the Moss Landing Commercial Park. Did Nader Agha sell out his interest or did he take on a partner? Read more…»

    Judge reaffirms MPWMD position on additional water fixtures

    By Marge Ann Jameson for the 12/18/12 edition

    A Pebble Beach couple who sued the Monterey Peninsula Water Management district over water restrictions, fees, and home inspections lost their case in court when Superior Court Judge Lydia Villarreal ruled  in favor of the water district as to all counts. Read more…»

    Small Water Projects for Pacific Grove

    The State Water Resources Control Board has imposed, through a cease-and-desist order, a January 1, 2017 limit on CalAm’s ability to draw water from the Carmel River. Three water desalination projects have been proposed to replace that water. The City is working, both independently as well as part of the six-city joint powers authority, to bring desalination on line before the “water cliff” is imposed by the water board in four years from now.

    Unfortunately, the independent analysis of the three desalination project proposals recently completed for the six-city Water Authority has cast serious doubt that any of the desal projects can be completed on time. (This study is available on the Water Authority’s web site at http://www.mprwa.org/). Unless an extension can be obtained, that would mean severe water reduction limitations would be imposed. The exact allocation of those limitations has yet to be determined, but would seriously impact hotels, restaurants, and other drivers of our local economy. In addition, use of potable water to irrigate the City’s Golf Links, parks, and El Carmelo Cemetery, as well as landscaping other public facilities such as the City’s and Pacific Grove Unified School District’s ball fields would almost certainly be curtailed. Read more…»

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