To minimize the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on beach patrons, the City of Pacific Grove will implement a temporary closure of the Lovers Point Beaches to reinforce social distancing and reduce large public gatherings. 

    These measures are in alignment with the State of California Department of Health Stay-at-Home Order, the Monterey County Health Officer Shelter-in-Place Order and the City of Pacific Grove Proclamation of Local Emergency. 

    Closures effective from Saturday, August 15 through Sunday, August 16, include: 

     Lovers Point Beaches 

    Additional closures may be implemented on these dates to maintain social distancing requirements and reduce large public gatherings, if needed. 

    With the increased heat in the inland area, it is expected the City will receive an influx of visitors to the coastline. Due to serious public health concerns, increasing COVID-19 cases in California, and other local beach closures, the Acting City Manager, Tori Hannah, has authorized this closure. 

    The Western Lovers Point Beach (with entry from the Pacific Grove Recreation Trail) will remain open for water recreational activities and exercise, which include swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba dividing, and snorkeling. No standing, sitting, laying, or walking on the beach is permitted (unless walking down for entry into the water for outlined recreational activities). 

    The Pacific Grove Recreational Trail, Lovers Point Park, and Ocean View Blvd will remain open and accessible for those practicing social distancing protocols while walking, running, and bicycling. At all times, the public shall wear a mask or face covering in these highly visited areas in compliance with the State of California Department of Health Stay-at-Home Order, and the Monterey County Health Officer Shelter-in-Place Order. 

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 14, 2020

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