• CCS Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year is Zachary Miller, Pacific Grove High School

    Central Coast Section announced that Zach Miller, standout in three sports, has won the CCS Male Scholar-Athlete of theYear award. He’s headed for Harvard in case you missed our profile on this exemplary young man in our January 13, 2017 issue (https://cedarstreettimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/01-13-16.pdf). Emma Cushing of York School won the female scholar athlete award.

    The CCS Male and Female Scholar-Athletes of the Year were chosen from the pool of 18 student-athletes put forth by their leagues. Through a review of their applications as well as an interview, the following two student- athletes were chosen for this honor. These two students reflect the very best of the CCS. They are talented athletes within the Section, earning numerous accolades as well as celebrating team success. They are outstanding students with high GPA’s, impressive test scores, while taking rigorous course loads. They shine within their communities, and serve others through volunteer work. The following two outstanding student-athletes will be honored as the CCS Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year and the CCS Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year, each receiving a $1,500 scholarship at the CCS Scholar-Athlete Awards Breakfast.

    Central Coast Section announced that Emma Cushing of York School won the female award. 

    The son of 2 firefighters, Zachary understood from an early age the importance of giving back to his community. Jumping at the chance to help others, Zachary was one of the first people to sign up when Pacific Grove established an after-school math tutoring program. Humble, kind, honest, and selfless are some of the words that teachers used to describe Zachary. Involved in numerous service projects and activities, Zachary was selected for a prestigious internship at the Naval Postgraduate School. An exceptional student, Zachary maintains a 4.25 GPA and has challenged himself with a difficult course load. Co-founder of the Technology Club and a member of the Robotics Club, Zachary has many interests at PG. With outstanding test scores on the SAT, Zachary is heading to Harvard next year and will pursue a major in physics. Athletically, Zachary is a standout basketball and track athlete with many accolades for his accomplishments. Coaches and administrators speak to his care and concern for teammates and his consistent “we” mentality, whatever the situation. A hardworking student-athlete with a bright future ahead, Zachary is well deserving of the title of CCS Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 17, 2017

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