• Cedar Street Times is For Sale

    Rumours you may have heard recently are true.

    Fifteen years ago, when I founded Cedar Street Times, I told myself that I would sell it and retire when I got to That Age. I got there.

    The paper is now 15 years old and I am 70. It’s time. After struggling through bouts of lymphoma and kidney stones and trying to nurse Neil back to health, I need to sell it. The pandemic did a job on our bottom line as well. If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing or sharing Pacific Grove’s NEWSpaper, please get a hold of me and let’s talk. We have a deadline of Oct. 31 to sell it, bring on a partner(s), or close the door.

    Marge Ann 831-324-4742

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 19, 2021

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