• Chamber Ups Reward to $1000 in Campaign Sign Case

    From Heather Hubanks, Chamber representative to Moe Ammar, Chamber president: “Today [Monday 411/16] at approximately 10:35, a man came into the TIC [Tourist Information Center at Central and Eardley] asking about our “Yes on X” sign in the parking lot. He said that since this is public property, he was allowed to place his “No on X” handwritten sign underneath our sign. He said that he knew we would take it down once he left.

    He was extremely aggressive in his questioning. Renee Crocker told him that this is a private parking lot for the three businesses here, and to speak with you [Ammar] about any further questions about it. He was incredulous that we received no federal funding on this property, and continued aggressively questioning Renee.

    I backed Renee up (not that she needed it) to confirm that this was a private lot and he became very aggressive in his tone and approach toward me. I told him I did not like his tone and he said he did not like my tone or clothes. I then thanked him for stopping by and repeated that he should take Renee’s advice and speak with you. I then closed my door because he looked a bit unhinged.

    “He placed his ‘No on X’ sign underneath ours and he drove away.”

    Anyone with information is asked to call the Pacific Grove Police, Ofcr. Billy Hawkins, at 831-648-3143 or the Chamber of Commerce at 831-373-3304.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 11, 2016

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