• CHP Volunteer Turns 101

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    The California Highway Patrol’s Monterey office will be celebrating Senior Volunteer Homer’s 101 birthday. Please join us in 06/16/2015 at the Monterey Area CHP Office located at 960 E. Blanco Drive Salinas, to celebrate Homer’s birthday. We will be singing Happy Birthday at 12:45 PM and there will be cake. Hope you can make it.

    The CHP’s Senior Volunteer Program is for individuals 55 and older who are able to contribute a minimum of four hours of service per week. Homer has been volunteering at our office for over 15 years. Homer not only volunteers his time twice a week but he drives himself to our office as well.

    The purpose of the Senior Volunteer Program is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the area by utilizing the skills and talents of our community’s senior citizens to enhance operations.

    Volunteers perform administrative functions, such as filing and answering phones, and also work at community events, direct traffic, participate at school events, set up radar trailers and traffic devices, and assist in a variety of other functions.  As the need arrives, they will ride along with officers and assist them in their duties.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 16, 2015

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