• City Adds New Feature to its Website

    It’s the little picture of the rolled up blueprints right above the word “Spotlight.” It may be perceived by some as the biggest improvement to the website so far.

    brodeur Screenshot web 2014-12-15 15.47.48Though the Pacific Grove planning department follows State of California best practices concerning noticing (300 feet) and the length of time set aside before planning action takes place, there are still detractors. This change may help.

    Community and Economic Development director Mark Brodeur is constantly seeking ways to make the system work better. “It is rare that our permit workload prohibits us from taking new development proposals immediately to the next Planning Commission meeting. That is due in part to the economy and part of it is due to the water shortage,” he said.

    In response to questions about transparency, he said, “I felt it was better to provide total transparency of the permits being processed by the City’s Department of Community Development.” The information, he pointed out, has always been available on the website but the route to find it required “considerable surfing.”

    “The Department of Community and Economic Development has amended our website to include a ‘button’ on the  home page that is linked to our permitting intake system. Every inquiry, ministerial permit and over the counter permit are there for all to see,” said Brodeur.

    Next time you visit the City’s website at www.ci.pg.ca.us, even if you aren’t there to check up on the neighbor’s remodeling project, click on the icon and see what’s going on (or about to go on) in our c Georgia Shetenhelm passed peacefully in her sleep in her childhood home just shy of her 96th birthday.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 16, 2014

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