• City Council Actions 11/20/13

    Major actions taken by the Council at its regular meeting on November 20, 2013 include:

     • Received a presentation by Tammy Blount, President & CEO of the Monterey County Conventions and Visitors Bureau on the many initiatives underway to stimulate tourism and visitation.

    Received a presentation by Assemblyman Mark Stone providing an overview of his legislative session and his legislative priorities for his second year in office.

    Authorized staff to submit two Clean Beaches Initiatives grant applications and a Coastal Commission grant application to complete the City’s certified Local Coastal Program.

    Held second reading and adopted the City’s new sign ordinance for the Downtown.

    Appointed Mary Flaig to the BNRC (Beautification and Natural Resources Commission), Sarah Boyle to the ARB (Architectural Review Board), and Tony Campbell to the BID (Business Improvement District).

    Accepted a bequest for $346,000 from the estate of Reiko Koo and directed staff to develop a policy for the use of bequests and other one-time donations, as well as a process for adequately recognizing people making such generous gifts to the City.

    Approved a letter and the accompanying background documents prepared by the Del Monte Park United residents to be sent to the Pebble Beach Company and the County concerns with the proposed housing in “Area D,” just to the southwest of the Del Monte Park neighborhood.

    Presented a Certificate of Recognition and a succulent plant arrangement to Sarah Hardgrave, Environmental Programs Manager, in honor of her achievements during her 6+ years with the City, and wished her well in her new position with the Big Sur Land Trust.

    Approved an increase in solid waste and recycling hauling rates of 0.96 percent, to start in early 2014.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 24, 2013

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