• City Council Actions (synopsis) 2/5/14 meeting


    Major actions taken by the Council at its regular meeting on February 5, 2014 include:

     Adopted an ordinance making permanent the increase of paring limits in the downtown area to two hours.

     Received the report summarizing the results of the Police Services Survey, which elicited more than 1,000 responses by Pacific Grove residents and businesspeople. The survey indicated that citizens desire to retain Pacific Grove’s patrol officers and sergeants, and that the City can explore sharing of services in other areas (primarily support and administrative) with other jurisdictions in order to increase capabilities and reduce costs. The Council directed the City Manager and Police Chief to begin those discussions.

     Received a report on the status of the City organization, given the current staffing situation and challenges. The Council directed the City Manager to proceed with high priority recruitments and return to the Council with a plan for additional needed steps.

     Created a homeless persons’ assistance fund and Council Committee, comprising Councilmembers Cuneo and Fischer, to work with neighboring cities to initiate regional efforts to address homelessness and assist those persons who are homeless in our community.

     Received a report on the status of Aberg v. City of Pacific Grove.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 9, 2014

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