• City Council Member Casey Lucius Exploring a Run for Congress

    Concerned about the state of affairs in Washington, D.C. and in the world in general, freshman Pacific Grove city council member Casey Lucius is exploring the idea of a run for U.S. Congress. But she feels there is not a lot to put out in print just yet.

    “I’m just putting the feelers out there,” said the young mother. “So far I’ve gotten a positive response from the people I’ve talked with.”

    Lucius’s term on the city council is up in 2016 at about the same time a term in Congress would begin.

    Casey Lucius

    Casey Lucius

    The decision is by no means a done deal. If she were to run for a national office, the Hatch Act requires that she resign her current position at the Naval Postgraduate School. She has already spoken with her department managers at NPS about the possibility.

    “Is it viable?” she asked rhetorically, adding that she “just has to go through the process.”

    “I learned from my time on the council how important it is to represent a younger generation of moms and dads who go to work every day.” Like the city council, Lucius feels that Congress needs some new blood in the form of input from a younger generation. She is also concerned about the fact that so many big elections are told on the amount of money a candidate has or can raise for the campaign.

    With experience in national security going back 15 years with, she says she is concerned that so few representatives in Washington have strategic planning experience.

    “I don’t want to just sit by,” she said, referring to the changes going on in the world. “But I take my position on the council very seriously.”

    Her likely opponent would be the popular Sam Farr (D-Carmel), a veteran of 23 years in Washington, D.C. There had been some discussion that Farr might retire, but lately talk swings the other way.

    “I have to do what’s right,” said Lucius, “not base my decisions other anyone else’s decision.”

    Casey Lucius’s husband, Robert, is a retired Marine. Having formed an NGO concerned with animal welfare in Southeast Asia, he was a prime candidate for his current position as Program Manager – Asia Pacific for the Humane Society. Though the Humane Society’s headquarters are in Washington, D.C., Lucius works from their home in Pacific Grove.




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