• City of Carmel terminated employees reinstated

    Longtime Carmel-by-the-Sea employees Leslie Fenton and Margi Perotti, terminated from their positions in March of 2014, were reinstated Wednesday, Dec. 31, with Carmel-by-the-Sea by the City Council.

    Mayor Jason Burnett and fellow members of the City Council made the decisions in closed session Wednesday.  The actions came after they reviewed anagreement that was drafted by City Attorney Don Freeman and after Freeman and City Administrator Doug Schmitz held separate meetings with each of the women and their representatives.

    The reinstatements were announced to the public when the City Council reconvened in open session. Perotti’s reinstatement is effective next week.  At her request as to a starting date, Fenton will resume work for the city on February 1.

    “The City Council appreciates City Administrator Doug Schmitz and City Attorney Don Freeman’s ongoing efforts to review decisions made before Doug returned to Carmel,” Mayor Jason Burnett said in a statement.  “Having reviewed the personnel files and the actions leading to the dismissal of Margaret Perotti and Leslie Fenton, Doug and Don recommended to the City Council that both employees be reinstated. The City Council agrees with this recommendation and welcomes both Margi and Leslie back. We look forward to their return to work in 2015 and their continued service to the Carmel community.”

    Fenton, who had worked for the city for 22 years, will be reinstated to the position of Executive Assistant in the Administrative Wing of the City Hall.  In that position, she will work for the City Administrator.  She had previously worked in the City’s Personnel Office, Fire and Planning and Building Departments.

    Fenton had appealed her termination and a hearing was held in June of 2014.  No decision from that hearing had been rendered by former City Administrator Jason Stilwell before his departure from the City.  Fenton agreed to allow Schmitz to render a recommendation based on his reading of the transcript of the hearing. Schmitz did so and also studied the evidence and believed that reinstatement should occur.  Likewise, Freeman conducted his own review of the information and concurred with Schmitz.  The City Council had asked them to make a recommendation to the City Council after their independent reviews.

    Perotti, who had been a City employee for 23 years, will be reinstated to the position of Community Activities Assistant. This position is responsible for theevaluation and processing of permit applications for public and private events, coordination with City departments and notification to impacted residents and businesses.

    Perotti previously held a variety of positions with the City in the departments of Administration, Public Works and Planning and Building.  She appealed her termination and her appeal hearing was scheduled for January 2015.

    Fenton and Perotti will receive back pay and benefits and monies for incidental expenses.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 1, 2015

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