• City Ordinance Restricting Sleeping in Vehicles Expanded

    While the City of Monterey is seeking ways to expand services to the homeless, including the potential of providing parking for people who sleep in their vehicles, Pacific Grove appears to be headed in the opposite direction.

    In response to mounting complaints about the ongoing problem of people sleeping in their vehicles, particularly along the scenic coastline and on city streets, the City Council on Aug. 9, held the first reading of a revision to the 1952 ordinance regarding mobile homes and mobile home parks, amending it to include all motor vehicles. It had originally been written as ‘house cars on private property.” The ordinance had been amended in 1979 to include “house cars on streets and other public property.

    “It’s a safety issue for the occupant,” explained Police Chief Vickie Myers. “These vehicles can be easily broken into,” by others wishing to prey on the occupant, she said.

    She said that the new revisions would allow Pacific Grove Police to make contact with the occupants and explain to them all the other services available to them in the county, from shelters to food to counseling and referrals for other services.

    The second reading, and final enactment, will be held at a future City Council meeting.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 8, 2013

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