• City Receives Affordable Housing Report

    by Cameron Douglas

    Each year, the Housing Division of the Pacific Grove Community Development Department monitors properties that have received discretionary approvals for the creation of secondary housing and affordable housing units. This is to verify the terms and conditions related to the units created. In its annual report, the 2008 monitoring program found that of 65 approved Second Units in Pacific Grove, 58 property owners certified that they meet the on-site residency requirement.
    Five projects are still under construction, so they don’t have to meet that requirement yet. Of the remaining two, one owner claimed that they no longer reside on the property. That party has been referred for code enforcement. The other received a temporary exception to the residency requirement.
    The program also reviewed the status of 21 approved affordable housing units on 13 Pacific Grove properties. Four of the 21 units are currently vacant, while 17 were found to have met appropriate income and rent limits. The income limits range from extremely low at $13,600 single annual income to a moderate $90,200 for a household of six.
    Monitoring fees totaling $1,250, which had been anticipated in the current budget, were collected.
    The Housing Division also monitored 78 residential properties to obtain verification of discretionary permit occupancy requirements. This began in early August and concluded in December 2008. There were two categories:
    1) 65 properties with approved Second Housing Units.
    2) 13 properties with approved/registered Affordable Units.
    The monitoring checked for compliance with:
    A) The requirement that the property owner reside in either the main residence or the second unit, and
    B) Any additional requirements that were conditions of approval, such as renter income eligibility and rent rates.
    Requirements vary depending on when approval was given. Second Units approved between May of 1983 and August 4, 1992 have no additional occupancy requirements. In other words, a property owner must live on the property, but the unit not being occupied has no occupancy restrictions. Second Units approved between August 5, 1992 and June 30, 2003 must meet criteria pertaining to the occupants’ age, income qualifications, disabilities or how much rent is charged. Second Units approved from July 1, 2003 to present have other requirements.
    The City report concluded that the monitoring program had been successful, and found the vast majority of property owners are in compliance with the terms and conditions of their approvals.
    It should be noted that the city does not monitor Vista Point Apartments, located in the 700 block of Jewell Avenue. Vista Point has extensive monitoring requirements from various funding sources, plus appropriate provisions in the ground lease with the City of Pacific Grove that guarantee continued affordability

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 20, 2009

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