• City staff to examine possibility of hosting events on the golf course

    At the City Council meeting March 4, Alan Cohen proposed that City staff examine the possibility of holding city-hosted events on the Pacific Grove Golf Course. The City Attorney will be asked to look into any deed restrictions, and staff will review the steps necessary to have an event approved with the Coastal Commission, the Coast Guard, the Department of Fish and Game, CEQA and any other interested entities.
    “We should know what we can do with city property such as the golf course,” he said. “We’re not proposing an event at this time, but we are laying the procedural groundwork for holding an event on the golf course in the future.”
    Councilmember Bill Kampe also suggested that an impact summary be requested for events, in order to quantify the benefits to the city as well as costs in personnel and equipment before and after any event.
    The question arose as a result of a suggestion by Chamber of Commerce president Moe Ammar to invite the Concorso Italiano to hold their annual automobile show on the golf course. The Concorso had been in negotiation with the City last year but negotiations were called off due to lack of “time and guidelines,” according to Cohen. Wishing to avoid a similar situation, Cohen and the rest of the Council wish to have procedures outlined should such an event become a possibility in the future.
    The Concorso has a new owner, Tom McDowell of Lynnwood, Washington, who took over two weeks ago. Reports in other media indicate that Laguna Seca Golf Ranch is the number one venue in the running at present.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 9, 2009

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