• City to examine a volunteer program: National Volunteer Week April 19-25, 2009

    Following the declaration of the week of April 19-25 as National Volunteer Week in the City of Pacific Grove, City Council, noting the number of volunteers who exist and the number of people who wish to help, considered the concept of establishing a volunteer program in the city. Staff was directed to:

    1.     Determine where volunteers can be used in various City departments, keeping in mind that any tasks, duties and/or projects must not replicate those performed by staff.

    2.     Obtain job descriptions from each department for the tasks and/or projects which might be performed by volunteers for review by the City’s employee bargaining units.

    3.     Set up processes for orientation, training in safety and risk management issues, policies, regulations and responsibilities for the volunteers.

    4.     Prepare and produce guidelines, application forms, skill and talent surveys, general agreements, timesheets, orientation documents, releases, etc. These would ideally be contained within a single “handbook for volunteers.”

    5.     Establish a system of non-monetary rewards for volunteers such as a recognition program.

    Using reallocated funds which have already been budgeted, the City Manager’s office will perform these tasks and return to City Council for approval of the program.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 16, 2009

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