• City volunteers are honored by staff and officials

    Pacific Grove’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception, held on April 14, 2011 to coincide with National Volunteer Week, saw the Community Center full of the people who make the city tick. Staff and elected officials honored members of various committees, boards and commissions as well as individuals who pull weeds, restore buildings, make planning decisions and so much more.
    Those who were “termed out” this year included Jean Anton from Natural Resources, George Shane from Traffic, and Craig Riddell from Planning. As Jean Anton put it, “Just because I’m termed out doesn’t mean I’ll quit volunteering!”

    Bob Pacelli, honored for work in the Butterfly Sanctuary

    Honored for “Operation Pacelli” to replace trimmed trees in the Butterfly Sanctuary was Bob Pacelli. He moved on the problem and collected money and put his own back into arranging, and now planting, replacement trees. He was given a “Special Award” by the “Butterfly Monarch,” Deputy City Manager Jim Becklenberg.
    Honoree as Volunteer of the Year was Ken Hinshaw who, as Mayor Carmelita Garcia said, has devoted more than 30 years of volunteer work to the Lighthouse restoration, selling books for the Library, working on historicity and more.

    Ken Hinshaw said he'd be out the next day, working on the Lighthouse, if anyone wanted to volunteer with him.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 15, 2011

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