• Computer frozen? Being held up for $300 “Green Dot” payment?

    A scam which freezes computers and demands $300 because the user allegedly visited an illicit website has been reported by many Californians. We have reported on it before, but this press release from the District Attorney has a remedy. ‘Course you need to have another computer to do it, but it’s worth it to unfreeze your computer.

    Monterey County District Attorney Dean D. Flippo warns Monterey County residents to be aware that fraudsters are perpetrating computer scams requesting payment with Green Dot MoneyPak cards or other pre-loaded debit cards.

    Recently, California residents have reported that their computers were blocked and frozen with a notice from the purported “ICE Cyber Crime Center” and “FBI Cyber Crime Center.” The screen displayed a message stating that the consumer had allegedly visited illicit web sites. The consumer was advised in the message to purchase $300 worth of Green Dot MoneyPak cards to have their computer unlocked.

    As a warning to consumers, if someone you do not know tells you to purchase prepaid debit cards and provide the security numbers to them, they are scammers.

    This scam is spread to unsuspecting computers through a computer virus or by visiting unsafe websites. The unfortunate issue with this scam is that your computer is frozen. You can use multiple search engines to locate information on removing your locked screen. Utilize an unlocked computer and type in, for example: “Remove FBI Cyber Crime Division Virus $300 Scam Step by Step.” This gives you information on the scams and how to unlock your computer. If your computer skills are weak, you may want to contact a reputable skilled computer user to assist you in the unlocking procedures.

    Legitimate City, County, State and Federal Officials will never email you or freeze your computer with deportation threats demanding immediate payment with MoneyPak cards or other prepaid debit cards. If your computer is hacked with this type of demand, follow the procedures for unlocking your screen and contact your local law enforcement agency or the District Attorney’s Office.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 6, 2014

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