• Conference room named for Jessie Bray

    By Christelle Harris

    She spent 25 years as a teacher and 13 years on the school board, and during the 12/9/2010 PGUSD meeting Jessie Bray had the new district office conference room named in honor of her. Unlike many dry school board meetings, the mention of Jessie Bray brought tears to the eyes of many board members and teachers. When the call to address the board from the public was made, there was a shuffle of those who felt the need to speak their piece. Absolute praises from the podium poured forth in a cathartic waterfall. “She is a saint…devoted to children like no other…has given the best advice…has helped teachers grow into adulthood…and their teaching careers…she has given her whole life to public education…” These are just some of the many positive things said about Mrs. Bray before the board approved unanimously naming the new school board conference room in her honor. The decision was followed with genuine applause, and standing ovations, despite Jessie not being at the board meeting to see the spectacle.
    Jessie Bray has been ill lately, and was unable to make it to this school board meeting, which despite other exciting votes put forth on the agenda, was devoted to her.
    She has won the hearts and minds of Pacific Grove Unified School District with her unrelenting mentoring and more than a decade as a school board member. “I have been in education for 20 years now,” says Ralph Porras, Superintendent, “and Jessie brings a real true sense of boardsman-ship to the school board. It’s an honor to work with her, and I don’t say that lightly. Naming the School Board Conference Room after her is the least we can do.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 17, 2010

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