• Congressional Candidate Casey Lucius will not support Donald Trump

    In an exclusive interview with KSBW Casey Lucius made it emphatically clear, “I do not support Donald Trump for President.”
     The big question that has been asked of all elected officials and candidates across the nation has been answered here on the Central Coast.

    “It has become clear that Donald Trump lacks the personal qualities that are needed to be President. His privileged lifestyle handed to him has left him intolerant and out of touch with working Americans.This is a time when we need a leader with diplomatic skills who can bring the country together and rebuild America’s credibility internationally.” Lucius closes with, “Trump’s brash comments and racist remarks have no place in American politics. With just under 90 days until the election I am saddened by the choices we have left.”

    Casey is a Pacific Grove City Councilwoman and candidate for California Congressional District 20. She served on active duty as a Naval Intelligence Officer for seven years.  She has a MA in National Security Affairs and a PhD in Political Science and is a former professor at the Naval War College.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 11, 2016

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