• Congressman Farr tours Pacific Grove Adult School

    By Katie Shain

    “For every language you learn, you gain a soul.”  It’s an old saying Sam Farr told the students of the Pacific Grove Adult School during his visit last Thursday, Feb 3.

    Faced with potential budget cuts that will curtail the Adult School’s ability to serve the community, school Principal Craig Beller invited Congressman Farr to tour the campus so he would know how valuable it is to its patrons.

    With one hand to his heart and the other extended in friendship Farr warmly greeted each student. The range of countries represented by these students covers our global community at large. 

    Farr acknowledged his appreciation to the students for their courage and fortitude in braving the barriers required to learn a different language. He told one class as he stood in respect, “ the title ‘Congressman’ holds a certain regard but it is not held in as high regard as that of the ‘Rimpoche’ from Tibet who is present in your class.”

    He told them that 15 Congressmen of the United States had never graduated high school and that 22 had never attended college.

    In another classroom the Congressman referred to how he was involved in protesting the Viet Nam War, involvement that moved him to become motivated to make a difference.

    He explained that MPC was originally designed to be a vocational learning center and of his involvement in the early stages of its establishment.

    One of the students asked how they might gain a skill level in the Pacific Grove Adult School that would qualify them for jobs when they had completed courses, rather only being prepared for more schooling.

    “It’s just a numbers game,” Replied Farr. “You just need to get more students interested in the same thing. Take an inventory and organize it.”

    Before heading to the Sally Griffin Center for luncheon, the tour was completed in the classroom “Parents Place.” The room was filled with dads, moms and kids of course. But what was not “of course” was that the parents were there to learn. Gail Root explained to Congressmen Farr, “this was in no way a drop-off day care center.” It requires licensed staff and the constant presence of the children’s parent(s). Parents learn skills by fully participating in a regular curriculum of guided course studies in order to achieve accreditation.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 11, 2011

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