• Cop Log 01-04-15 to 01-11-15

    Lost and found
    A key was found on Ocean View Blvd.
    Eyeglasses were found on Ocean View Blvd.
    A dog was found on Miles Ave.
    A wallet was found on Forest. Returned to owner.
    A backpack was found on Caledonia.
    A handicapped placard was found on Lighthouse and turned in.

    Hit and run on parked vehicle on Ocean View Blvd.
    Driver not paying attention and struck the vehicle in front of him on Central. Cited for unlicensed driver. No injuries.
    Non-injury collision on 15th Street. One vehicle was towed.
    Car vs. bicycle. Complaint of pain.
    Vehicle vs. light post on private property at Country Club Gate.
    P1 backed into P3’s vehicle and left. P2 saw it and reported it. P1 said he didn’t realize he’d done it.

    Not the best customer service
    A disturbance erupted between a clerk and a customer on Lighthouse Ave. the customer requested the report.

    Theft on Ripple: Perpetrator caught by observant neighbor
    A neighbor saw an adult female steal some items from an unlocked vehicle. The neighbor confronted the suspect and grabbed a bag of property from her hands. She ran and dropped the rest of the items.

    Burglaries, thefts
    On 14th Street, a past tense residential burglary took place. The residence was cleared, but the house had been ransacked and several items were missing per the owner. On Shell Ave., someone entered a residence and took several pieces of jewelry. No suspects, no witnesses.
    Theft from an unlocked vehicle on Monterey

    Christmas tree stolen
    A woman on Chestnut reported that a Christmas tree and stand had been stolen from her front yard.

    Attempted scam: Too many grandsons
    Someone attempted the old “grandson in jail” scam on a woman on Crest. The caller said he was her oldest grandson but since she only has one grandson the age was not an issue. She tried to engage the scammer but they hung up and police were unable to get an answer when they tried the number.

    Bark, bark, bark: Diagnosis of separation anxiety
    A neighbor complained about a barking dog on Eardley. The dog wasn’t barking when the officer responded, and the owner said they were being evicted anyway.

    False alarm
    Briggs Ave. Building secured.
    A woman was watching her neighbor’s property while they were away and said she saw someone in the house. She has a key. Officer and reporting party didn’t find anything wrong when they entered the house.

    Fatal Dog attack
    A woman reported that her dog was attacked by another dog on Ocean View Blvd. and did not survive. She seeks identification of the other dog’s owner and prosecution of same.

    Repo man strikes again
    On 17th Street.

    Naked man
    A man was running naked in the neighborhood on Glen Lake. Officers found him hiding on a patio and said he was intoxicated. He was arrested and transported to County Jail where he was lodged. The report doesn’t say whether they found him some clothes first.

    Suspicious circumstances
    A woman said that someone entered her apartment through her bedroom window and wrote numbers on a couple of her $20 bills. She says that several people of various ethnicities are out to get her and have made her dog ill, but she declined to have officers come out and investigate. She has called before with other suspicions.

    More suspicious circumstances
    A woman alleged that her daughter stole two checks from her son’s locked bedroom, but she doesn’t remember who issued the checks or how much they were for.

    Yet more suspicious circumstances
    A burnt plastic bag with several books of matches inside was found buried in the sand in the school yard. The report does not say which school, but surmises that it was done during winter break.

    Parking lot rage
    A woman drove into a parking lot on Forest the wrong way. Another driver told her she was going the wrong way and the offending driver began to yell profanity. She was confronted by the officer in the store and said she realized she was going the wrong way and had asked the reporting party to back up, but the reporting party refused. No explanation as to why that required profanity.

    Trip and fall
    A woman walking her dog on Central tripped on the sidewalk while walking her dog. She sustained a laceration and a scrape and said her hip was injured. Monterey Fire responded and AMR transported her to the hospital.

    Illegal dumping of the garbage sort
    A man was seen dumping garbage into a privately owned garbage bin.

    Falling down drunk
    Three “transients” were reported to ne drunk and falling down on a sidewalk on Lighthouse. One complained to the officer of leg pain and was transported to CHOMP. The other two were given a ride back to their place of rest by a friend.


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