• Cop Log 01/10/15 – 01/16/25

    Suspect walked out of business without paying for goods. He was captured.

    Lost and Found
    A cell phone was reported lost on Congress. Owner called and said he’d found it later the same day. Probably calling from said cell phone.
    A medal was found on Lighthouse Ave.
    A bag containing some stuff was lost on Sinex Ave.
    A wallet was reported lost on Forest.

    Trespassing and Messing Around
    Three white male adults were reported disturbing the wildlife off Ocean View Blvd. A representative of the property owner contacted them and informed them it was private property. They apologized and left. When the officer contacted them, they said they had walked by the wildlife but hadn’t messed with it. A nearby onlooker confirmed this. Officer reminded them that anything above the high tide line is private property.

    Theft(s) from vehicle(s)
    On Central Ave.
    On Sunset a vehicle window was smashed and a purse taken from the vehicle.
    A purse was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Seaview sometime over the night.

    Hope somebody gave him a ride home
    A man reported that someone stole his bicycle while he was eating at a restaurant on Lighthouse.

    Alarm activation
    Patio door was open. Officer cleared the house and made it as secure as possible.

    Door ajar, 18th St.
    Reporting party said the back door was found to be open. Nothing seemed to be missing.

    Window tried
    Victim said he came home from work to his house on Junipero and noticed someone had tried to pry open a window. They were not successful but the frame was bent.

    Minor accidents
    Hit and run on Ocean View Blvd.: Witnesses said a vehicle hit the rear left corner of another vehicle and left without leaving information.
    Hit and run on Lighthouse Ave. Suspect gave false information and skedaddled. Non-injury accident on Fountain. One vehicle towed.
    Non-injury accident on Central. Information exchanged.
    A woman runner said she was out for a run on Caledonia when she felt something on the back of her legs. She thought it was fatigue but it turned out to be a LOL who had tapped her with her car. The runner wasn’t injured but she was concerned that the LOL might need to be checked out. Officer did so and said she seemed to be competent.
    Visitor struck a tree limb on private property. Property damage only.

    Christmas tree past its sell-by date
    A person said that an employee of his apartment complex was upset because he’d shed pine needles in the elevator when he disposed of his Christmas tree. Reporting party was concerned about retaliation.

    Car past its sell-by date
    A vehicle was towed from where it had been parked on Ripple Ave. It was five years past expiration date. Owner could not be located.
    Another one on public property on Walnut was six months out of date. Neighbors complained and it was towed.

    IRS scam attempted and failed
    A woman on 18th Street knew better.

    Theft of personal information
    A man reported that someone had been using his personal information to try to open credit cards.
    Another man reported someone took out life insurance in his name.

    Mail theft on Mermaid thwarted
    Reporting party saw two men taking mail from her neighbor’s mailbox. She con- fronted them and made them give it back.

    Audible Alarm
    On Ransford, an audible bell alarm was sounding at an apartment complex. Everything appeared secure and there was no smoke. Residents met the officer and said everything was hunky-dory.

    What meth? I didn’t see any meth. Oh, THAT meth.
    Meth was found when two males were contacted. No arrest was made as neither actually had possession of it.

    Have decibel meter will travel
    A man under requirement to bring his property up to code had to work on it at night. He was accused by a neighbor of making too much noise and having a barking dog. Officer said the dog didn’t bark until approached, and the man had a decibel meter showing less than 55 db noise coming from his work.

    Large dog at large
    A German shepherd was at large on Monterey Ave. A neighbor put a leash on it and found the yard where it might have come from. The fencing was about three feet in height., and there was no chip on the dog. The dog was taken to doggie jail and owner later picked it up and was cited for dog-at-large.

    Dog escaped from car
    A dog jumped out the window of a vehicle somewhere between Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach.

    Nasty neighbor  
    A man on Miles Ave. said that the previous night a dark vehicle drove past and someone yelled threatening statements. As he’d had trouble with a neighbor before, he called police the next day. Officer attempted contact but was unsuccessful. Officer reminded victim to call on the spot, not wait till the next day.

    Playing hide-and-seek?
    An officer noticed a hole in the fence of a hotel currently under construction. A storage garage had been opened and a light was on inside. Movement was seen inside and as the officer waited for backup a man ran out and jumped over a fence. Officers then found a cut padlock on the construction site. Though they saw him later in a nearby parking lot, they were unable to catch him.

    Vandalism to vehicle
    On Ransford, a woman reported someone had smashed the driver window of her vehicle. Nothing was taken.

    Vandalism to vehicle
    On Ransford, a man reported someone had smashed the driver window of her vehicle. Nothing was taken. Is there an echo in here?

    Report of violation of First Amendment unfounded
    Two people were reported sitting in a public area and passing out religious tracts. They said they had permission from the city but a certain reporting party said that if such permission had been given, it was a violation of the separation of church and state. Turns out they didn’t have permission but they left anyway.






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