• Cop Log 01/17/15 through 01/23/15

    Disappearing combatants
    Neighbors called in a physical domestic in progress, but when officers arrived the pair had taken off. Someone at the apartment said they didn’t know anything about it, but appeared to the officer to be deceptive.

    Window open on vacant home
    Officer on patrol observed a window open on a vacant home that is for sale. The home was secure and the realtor was contacted to close it up.

    Theft from vehicle
    Unlocked vehicle on Ocean View.
    Unlocked vehicle on Fountain Ave.
    Camera items taken from a vehicle on Presidio Blvd.

    Broken front window
    A woman on Crocker reported that someone had broken her front door window. No suspects.

    Found bicycle
    A bicycle was found and turned in. The serial number was clear. It’s being housed at the city yard.

    More stuff found (or lost)
    Personal property was found and turned in to the police station.
    A drivers license and bank card were turned in to the police station.
    A drivers license was reported lost.
    A dog was found and turned into the police station. Owner contacted, dog sprung from doggie jail.
    A license plate was found and turned in. Owner contacted.
    A cell phone was reported lost in Caledonia Park.

    Drunk neighbor kicking up a fuss
    A person on Central reported his neighbor was drunk and kicking on his door. Neighbor contacted – yes, he was drunk. He agreed to stop bothering his neighbor.

    Attempted scam: You won a car!
    A person on Hillcrest said someone called and told him he’d won a car and some money and needed to get a Green Dot card and pay associated costs. Luckily, he didn’t fall for it.

    Mysterious footprints
    A woman on Grand Ave, said her neighbor has been acting strangely and now she found footprints. She says maybe it was from workers at her residence but wants it documented anyway.

    Mysterious nails
    A woman on Junipero reported that her neighbor is having work done and that there have been nails and screws loose in the street, left by the construction crew. She got a nail in her tire and wants the neighbor to pay for a new tire.

    Traffic stop yields arrests
    A traffic stop resulted in the arrest of both occupants of the vehicle, the passenger on a warrant and the driver in possession of controlled substance. Both are under investigation for possession of stolen property.

    Human trafficking in Oregon with victims spotted here?
    A person reported an instance of human trafficking for the second time, but there is no evidence to back it up and no one in Oregon has reported the underage female in question to be missing. He says he saw her and her mother in Monterey.

    Minor traffic accidents
    A non-injury, info exchange accident happened on Lighthouse.
    A non-injury, info exchange accident happened on Central Ave.
    Someone knocked over a “No right turn” sign on 16th Street in a city parking lot. It’s repairable.

    Walking the dogs home
    Two dogs were reported at large on Monterey Ave. They were walked home, being repeat offenders and known to the police. Owner advised to work on the back fence and to keep the dogs inside until the problem is resolved.

    Process server scam
    A person on Gibson reported someone had been calling her trying to scam her and saying they were process servers.

    Alarm sounding
    An alarm was sounded in a pharmacy area in Country Club Gate. It was employee error.

    Unpermitted use of credit card
    A nonprofit reported that volunteers had used the credit card for personal items and then, when confronted, sent a fake check to repay the money.

    Stolen electricity
    On Jewell Ave., someone plugged a golf cart into an external power outlet. When the officer arrived, the cart was gone and a vacuum cleaner was in its place. The reporting party took the vacuum cleaner inside and said she would call if the golf cart turned up. She will also have locking covers placed over the exterior electrical outlets.

    Street lights reported out
    On Pine Ave.

    Taking the sign literally
    Officer observed a vehicle parked in a red zone designated as a tow away zone so they did. It was also cited.

    Citizen assist
    Officer heard a car pass by that sounded as if it had a flat tire, and it did. The elderly driver pulled over but did not have a spare. A tow truck was called at his request.

    Jackhammer noise
    A person complained about jackhammer noise on Grove Street. The foreman gave the police is number and they all seemed willing to come to some arrangement on when the jackhammer could be used.

    Mail theft
    At Country Club Gate.

    Distressing Instagram post
    A middle school student reportedly posted photos and a comment on Instagram. The photo was of a BB gun that looked like a revolver and the comment read, “I’m now safe from the bathroom murderer. 7th period gets it.”






    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 30, 2015

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