• Cop Log 02/07/14- 02/13/14

    02/07/14- 02/13/14
    Brace yourself . . . or not
    A video surveillance camera caught a Hispanic male entering an orthodontics office
    in the night. He exited quickly, however, and nothing was noticed stolen.
    Attack Kitty
    A person reported having been bitten on the forearm by a black, feral, male cat.
    Says the attack was unprovoked.
    Credit Card Theft
    A stolen credit card was used to make online purchases in excess of $950.
    Breaking, no entering
    The front door to an unoccupied residence on 11th Street was damaged.
    Entering, no Breaking
    A residential alarm sounded on Jewell Ave. Officers found the rear door open, but
    no signs of forced entry. A check of the home found nothing apparently amiss. Neighbors
    said the owners had been out of town for a couple of days.
    Neither Breaking nor entering
    A woman on Shafter reported that while she was away, someone attempted to
    enter her residence through a side window, No one apparently entered and nothing
    was missing.
    Hey, we saw you in the movies
    Suspects and vehicle in an alcohol theft from Country Club Gate were captured.
    They had been on the security camera.
    When ear buds are advisable
    Officers responding to a report of a domestic disturbance at a hotel found the guests
    were speaking loudly and watching television which was turned up.
    A hoodie was found in front of the police department. There was no hood in it.
    A flowered handbag was found at First Awakenings.
    A bicycle was found in the sand near a roadway on Asilomar. Taken to the city
    yard for safekeeping.
    A marijuana pipe was found by the reporting party in his front yard on 8th St.
    Right guy, wrong house
    A person on Moreland reported that a man was pounding on her door and hollering
    about pizza. She hadn’t ordered pizza. When he knocked again, she called police.
    In the meantime, officers had found the man, and he was, in fact, a lost pizza delivery
    guy. Next time hold the anchovies.
    Dumping the evidence
    Early Sunday morning, a car was found over the embankment on Ocean View
    Blvd. It was pulled out but there was no one else around. Twelve hours later it was
    reported stolen.
    Not caught in the act
    A person reported a reckless driver. The driver has several restrictions on his license
    listing several streets in the city, but as no violation was observed by the officer,
    nothing could be done.
    Trusty dog
    A drug-sniffing dog found a small amount of marijuana and marijuana wax in a
    student’s vehicle at the high school. The student was issued a citation and given disciplinary
    action by the school.
    Threatened teacher
    A former student went onto the campus and threatened a teacher. The teacher did
    not want to press charges, but the student was admonished by telephone.
    Suspicious circumstances
    A woman on Sinex reported someone called her and said they had a package from
    the Mexican border and she needed to pay for it. She refused, but they called again.
    This time she said “Leave me alone!” and they apparently did.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 21, 2014

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