• Cop Log 07/12/14-07/18/14

    Catch Me If You Can
    On Laurel Ave., officers attempted to stop a driver for violations and the
    driver fled the scene and eluded officers in a high-speed chase. Eventually, he
    crashed the car and fled on foot. The owner of the vehicle was located at his
    residence and alleged no knowledge of the incident. He was also extremely drunk.
    Found Dog
    A large husky was found on Lobos and transported to the City Yard.
    Purse Found
    …and turned in. ID was found in the purse and the owner was notified.
    To Sign or not to Sign
    A person on Central reported that someone contacted him and said he was
    collecting signatures for a petition. He did not have a booth or any signage for
    the county in which he was collecting signatures. The reporting party gave his
    name and address at first, but then withdrew the information after consideration.
    The signature collector became upset. The reporting party was concerned that
    the data was being collected in order to commit burglary or other crimes. He
    had recorded the signature gatherer’s license number.
    Open Invitation
    A car was noticed on Granite St., parked with the door open. The console
    and glove box were closed and it didn’t appear that the car had been rummaged
    through. The person who answered the door said the car belonged to her room
    mate and that it did not appear anything was missing.
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    A woman was walking with her daughter and smoking an e-cigarette. A
    man behind her called her a “bitch” and accused her of blowing smoke in his
    face. she told him she wasn’t aware he was behind her. He got even more upset
    and said he was going to call the police, so she did it for him.
    Identity and Costco Theft
    The suspect had some bank checks made with an account from Santa Cruz
    Community Credit Union and passed one at Costco to the tune of $677.37.
    Monterey County Sheriffs requested assistance with a suspected DUI on
    a traffic check. The driver, Bradford Beach, was arrested, cited, and released
    to a sober friend.
    Stabbing at Hotel
    Two makes were fighting at a hotel on Ocean view Blvd. One suffered a
    stab wound to the arm. The other ran. They are both Sureno gang members. The
    victim would not give up the perpetrator.
    Dog Leashed
    A dog was reported barking and found to be leashed to a house. The reporting
    party said they’d give it food and water until the owner showed up. When the
    resident was contacted, he said the dog got loose. He was advised of the codes
    regarding leashing a dog to a permanent location.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 25, 2014

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