• Cop Log, 08/24/13 – 08/30/13

    by Laura Emerson


    A non-injury hit-and-run accident occurred on Ocean View Blvd.; no suspect information.

    Reporting party returned to their car in a parking lot to discover it had been struck on the driver’s side and that the other driver had fled the scene without leaving any contact information.

    Garbage truck versus auto

    A garbage truck backed into another vehicle that was stopped at an intersection. While there was no damage to the garbage truck, the auto sustained moderate damage but nobody was hurt.

    Elderly person in need of care

    Police were advised to check on an elderly female and found that she’d suffered an injured hip and required hospitalization.

    Lost and found

    Party reported losing her purse, then contact PD again to say she’d found it.

    Subject called station to report losing his wallet while grocery shopping. [No report of how he paid for his groceries.]

    Credit card information stolen

    Credit card information was illegally obtained at a local eating establishment; over $800 in fraudulent charges were made – no suspect information.

    Just because it’s in your driveway doesn’t make it safe

    A bicycle was stolen from a rack on the reporting party’s vehicle that was parked in her driveway on 16th St.

    This is why you’re not supposed to feed the wildlife

    Party reported that her three year child was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a flock of seagulls. The mother further requested better enforcement of muni code against feeding wildlife as well as bigger signs explaining the muni code.

    Parking and unparking

    One vehicle backed out, then another did the same – colliding with the first vehicle. There was moderate damage to one vehicle and minor damage to the other.

    Bark, bark, bark – complain, complain, complain – why, why, why

    Upon conducting an animal welfare check of the reporting party’s new neighbor’s barking dog, it was learned that the rescued animal is being fostered until an owner can be found. The dog appeared to be well cared for and may just need time to adjust to its new – temporary – home.

    Reporting party living on Melrose Pl. called about neighbor’s dog barking day and night. Neighbor said they’d try to keep dogs quiet.

    Resident on Glen Lake Dr. called about neighbor’s barking dog. Owner said they would keep the dog inside while unattended. Nothing further at this time.

    Municipal violation?

    A city employee’s personal vehicle was vandalized on city property on Sunset Dr. during business hours.


    City property on 19th St. reported as vandalized. No other information.

    The curious snoop strikes again

    Party reported that someone had entered his stored RV and went through the items inside but nothing appears to have been taken.

    Who ya gonna call?

    Cell phone lost. No other information available.

    Just can’t say good-bye

    Party reported that neighbor has moved away but continues to harass them in person and through the U.S. mail.

    Reporting party stated that her ex-boyfriend isn’t moving his belongings fast enough out of the residence they once shared. He’s also showing up when she’s not at home and letting himself into the house. Reporting party advised to contact police if she wants a civil standby.

    Gate guards possibly save woman’s life

    A motorist pulled up to the 17-Mile Drive gate to Pebble Beach and was about to pay when she began to have a seizure and her car started to roll forward. The quick-thinking gate guard was able to open the car door and apply the brake while another called 9-1-1. Emergency personnel transported the woman to the hospital for evaluation.  Her vehicle was parked for safe-keeping in a nearby lot.

    Got it in writing

    Reporting party came to the station to provide a copy of a resolution agreement issued through the Conflict Resolution Center of Monterey, due to ongoing issues with her neighbor.

    Burglar leaves clues behind

    Attempted forced entry to the back door of a business on Forest Ave.; suspect information provided.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 5, 2013

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