• Cop log 09/05/14 – 09/12/14

    Wallet and GPS stolen sometime overnight from an unlocked vehicle on Laurel Ave.
    There was also a theft from a vehicle on Sunset Dr.
    Construction project?
    A man reported plywood stolen from his truck rack sometime overnight on Alder St.
    DUI called in
    Police received multiple calls of a drunk guy walkeing to his car and getting in. He was contacted a few blocks away and determine to be driving under the influence. Joseph Harald Dawdy was arrested, booked, cited, and release to a relative.
    Foot Patrol at Art Walk
    Contacts with 150 attendees, involving greeting, answering questions and giving directions. One guy got captured for DUI after making an illegal U-turn.
    Unwilling movie star
    A woman on 6th complained that her neighbor had been video taping her house from the street and from his house. He then uploaded a video of her dog barking onto YouTube. She was advised that he has done nothing illegal.
    Use of address for credit cards
    A woman n Spruce Ave. reported that someone had used her address to obtain credit cards. She called the credit card companies who advised her to return the correspondence to them. No personal information was compromised.
    Ammo turned in
    Ammunition was turned in to the police department for destruction.
    Party bus turns into party hike
    A party bus with 18 teens aboard was causing a disturbance by yelling profanities and making obscene gestures. When they officer stopped the bus they displayed gang signals. The driver had a suspended license so the driver was arrested, cited, and released. The passengers had to walk.
    There only for the cookies?
    A woman reported that an elderly man has repeatedly shown up at her open house events and makes her and the prospective buyers uncomfortable. Police explained “trespass on private property” and the woman said she would call the next time he shows up and disturbs her and the visitors.
    Responsible host
    A woman called to say a guest had consumed too much alcohol and possibly had alcoholic poisoning, The guest was unresponsive and was transported to CHOMP. The host kept the victim’s children until their father came to get them.
    Effective (but unwanted) alarm
    A man complained that his neighbor’s alarm clock, which is near the window on a shared property line, goes off at 4:30 a.m. and that the neighbor keeps hitting the snooze button. He has tried to resolve it with her to no avail.
    Shoulder bag found
    A woman turned in a shoulder bag she’d found on Lobos Ave. There was nothing to identify the owner so it is being kept at the police station.
    Innkeeper, not TV store
    A TV was taken from a hospitality’s room on Lighthouse. The credit card was declined when the innkeeper tried to charge five nights’ stay.
    Drunk in public
    A person fell on Sloat Ave. and was determined to be drunk and unable to care for themselves.
    Found knife at police station
    A pocket knife was found under the booking room bench at the police station during a room check before an arrestee was brought in. It is unknown to whom the knife belongs or when it was placed there.
    Minor with alcohol
    A minor was found to be in possession of alcohol on Shafter Ave. He was cited and sent on his way.
    Attempted burglary: Water bill
    A person on Maple St. reported receiving a $1000 water bill. Checking the property, it was found that someone had left the hose running and further than the garage deadbolt had been tampered with.
    Mysterious happenings
    A woman on Cedar Street reported that someone had been calling her on the phone for three days and not responding when she answered. She also said someone had stolen some shingles from her garage and that someone had moved her garbage bin from where it usually goes. No suspects.
    Bunny at large
    A rabbit with a collar was turned in. It had no ID and no chip. Eventually the owner claimed it.
    Trespassing on campus
    Three suspicious males were observed on a school campus on Forest Lodge. They told the officer they were there to buy a phone from someone they’d met on Craigslist. They were from another school. Information was gathered and they were asked to leave. The alleged seller’s principals were advised.
    Marijuana for breakfast
    Staff reported a student smelled of marijuana and acted as if he was under the influence. He told the officer he had smoked marijuana before school.
    Shopping bag found
    A shopping bag was found on 17th St. There was miscellaneous personal property in it, but no ID.
    A woman on Rosemont reported receiving a call from someone alleging that her grandson had had a traffic accident with a foreign diplomat and was in jail. A little money would make it all better. Luckily, she didn’t fall for it.

    Another person reported that someone attempted the PG&E bill scam, but it didn’t work.
    Laptop stolen at community event
    A woman reported that her laptop was stolen from an unlocked building on Junipero while she was attending a community event.
    Unruly cats
    Neighbors arguing about cats. Reporting party said the neighbor says they have vet bills from the reporting party’s cat attacking their cat. The reporting party said the neighbor was up on his roof chasing their cat with a stick. The reporting party said it was other cats, not his, that were injuring the neighbor’s cat. The neighbor told the officer he only meant to scare the cat.
    Possession of narcotics
    On Shafter, a traffic stop was conducted and the officer smelled marijuana and saw heroin paraphernalia in plain view. The driver was arrested, booked and released on an order to appear.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 19, 2014

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