• Cop log 09/20/14-09/26/14

    Check marches to the beat of a rubber drum
    A man had received a check in payment for a drum set he had listed on Craiglist. It was for a lot more than the asking priceso he was suspicious. The bank said it was invalid. Good thing he hadn’t delivered the drums.

    Dog bite scare
    A woman who previously had been bitten by a dog received a letter saying that the county had not ID’d the dog or its owner and she should seek treatment for rabies. Luckily the dog owner was found and proved the dog had been vaccinated.

    Ungrateful dog bites rescuer
    A man attempted to rescue a small dog from the rocks on the coast, but it turned and bit him on the knuckle. He waited for the police to arrive. The owner arrived also and was told to quarantine the dog.

     Telemarketing scam
    A woman received several calls from a woman who said she was an employee of Microsoft and that the reporting party’s computer had been compromised. The convinced the victim to give her remote access to her computer, whereupon a male subject took over. The victim received a bill from Apex Technical Services.

    Email scam – boss’s email hacked
    Subject received an email he thought was from his boss, telling him to wire a large amount of money to a foreign country to pay for something he’d purchased. Trouble is, the email wasn’t from his boss. Uh oh. Not a good time to ask for a raise.

    IRS scam again
    Reporting party said a man with a heavy accent left a message on his phone saying he was “Dan Kiefer” and was with the IRS. RP said he thinks the caller was trying to scam him out of personal information. The officer called the number and left a message but no one called back.

    Walking (and arguing) Under the Influence
    Two subjects were walking on the sidewalk on Laine St. and were hollering at each other. They were both drunk and both from out of town. Their keys were taken by the officer for safekeeping and they were given a courtesy ride back to their respective hotels.

     Grand theft, Egan Ave.
    Victims reported that about $5,000 in traveler’s checks were stolen while they were away. Home had an alarm, which was activated. No sign of entry. Suspects at this time are the housekeepers, who had both keys and the alarm code.

     How did she know what it smells like?
    A woman reported suspicious activity and thought her neighbors were smoking marijuana. No evidence was found. When the officer called the reporting party, she said she could smell marijuana.

     Pointed theft
    A student stole a laser pointer from the teacher. When the teacher confronted the class, the student slipped out and threw it away in the boys’ bathroom. Student was confronted, admitted the theft, and was suspended.

    Vigilant neighbor
    A person on Patterson Lane saw an unknown subject in the driveway of the neighbor’s house. When the neighbor arrived, she gave her key so the house could be cleared.The dog was still inside and everything was locked up except a back door, which was ajar.

     Bark, bark, bark
    A neighbor on Willow St. complained about dogs barking. When the officer arrived, two of three dogs could be heard barking. The owner was contacted by phone and said she felt the neighbor was harassing her and her dogs. She was advised of the municipal code about dogs barking.

    Bark, bark, bark except it was more like snore, snore, snore
    A person on Egan reported the neighbors dog was barking “for hours.’ When contacted, the owner of the dog said it was inside and sound asleep.

     Bark, bark, bark (3)
    A dog on Cypress barks at everything all the time. The officer heard it bark for 20 minutes. Contact with owner unsuccessful so far.

    Talk about littering!
    Subject saw someone throw a black trash bag into the ocean on Ocean View Blvd. He confronted the bad guy, who turned on him, pushed him, and threatened to kill him. An area check was negative. Hope some whale or shark doesn’t think it’s a tasty seal and get hurt.

    Apparently not good places to park
    A woman parked her new vehicle in front of a residence on Stuart because she was to meet a friend for lunch at a nearby restaurant. A man came out and hollered at her about parking there, so she moved the car.

    An illegally parked vehicle on David was struck by another vehicle. There were two passengers inside but they were not injured.

     Money order goes astray
    A man had purchased a money order and dropped it off to have it mailed in order to pay the rent. When the landlord called some time later saying she had no received the rent, the tenant tracked down the money order and reported it had been made to another name and had been cashed.

    Baba Kali hit two vehicles and continued driving, then nearly hit a tailer and hit curbs. Arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

     Really wanted that new iPhone 6
    Someone entered via the rear door of residence on Avalon and stole a new iPhone 6. The door was left unlocked and ajar.

     Vehicle vandalism
    Two separate incidents of vandalism to the rear windows of vehicles: One on Eardley and one on Short.

    Lost and found
    Lost credit card holder with credit card and other stuff.
    Bike found in park on Ocean View. Stored in City yard.
    Property found on 17th St. placed in a basket and turned in at police lobby.
    Currency was found on Dennett and turned in to the police.
    Found phone was turned to owner.

    Tree fall
    An oak tree split in half on Marino Pines Rd, and have of it landed on a vehicle and fence, The roots appeared to be rotten. Vehicle had a rear window shattered and damage to the right rear quarter panel.

    Two incidences of stolen identity/credit card fraud were reported.

    Three incidences of domestic violence were investigated.











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