• Cop log 09/26/14 – 10/03/14

    Juvenile smoking
    A juvenile was observed walking on Forest Ave. and smoking a cigarette. The officer identified the male and took him to the station, where his father picked him up. The juvenile was given a chance and not cited.

    Found phone
    Found on Spruce. Owner identified and picked up the phone.

    Drunk customers
    Two intoxicated customers got into a verbal argument with staff and became aggressive when asked to leave.

    Loud party, parents not home
    An anonymous tip about a loud party on Bayview resulted in finding 21 year-olds drinking and potentially having given alcohol to the host, who is under 21. The parents were out of town and when contacted asked police to break up the party.

    Vandalism to vehicle on David
    Someone broke both exterior mirrors on a vehicle parked in the carport of a home on David.

    Not even a candidate for theft
    Parts hanging from the undercarriage and missing front bumper and headlamps, plus leaking.

    Pastoral serenade over
    Two guitars were found under a tree on Sunset and were turned in. Singer not in sight.

    No doubt unpopular with his passengers
    A person was pulled over for driving over the speed limit on Lighthouse Ave. He had a suspended license so the vehicle was towed. Backseat passengers were suspended and unlicensed and were not wearing seat belts. The male passenger also had less than an ounce of marijuana.

    In another incident, a car was pulled over for a municipal code violation. The driver had an outstanding felony warrant and a backseat passenger had heroin and paraphernalia.

    Better to settle it at the polls
    A person reported that six campaign signs were removed from various residences where permission had been given for placement.

    Another person complained that two campaign signs were taken from property on Lighthouse.

    Fall down go zap
    A person riding an electric bike fell down on Ocean View Blvd. and struck her arm. She complained of pain caused when she hit a trail sign. Transported to CHOMP.

    Bark, bark, bark

    Owner intimidated
    A person on Willow St. complained that a neighbor’s dog barks continuously. The officer did not hear the dog barking when responding to the call. Officer contacted the owner, who said that she works from her residence and that her dogs only bark when they want to alert her to something. She is afraid the reporting party, her neighbor, will kidnap or poison her dogs if she leaves her home. She is afraid for her own well-being.

    Dog at large
    A dog has been at large on the golf course often, barking at players. This time they called police. The owner of the dog was uncooperative and unwilling to call the dog back to her apartment. Using the “language line,” the officer advised her that it’s against the law to let the dog run loose without a leash. The woman said she didn’t want the dog and that the officer could take it. She said she will be moving to Korea soon and showed no interest in correcting the problem. The dog probably doesn’t want to move to Korea.

    Dog at large in Berwick Park
    Captured and returned to owner.

    Dog found on Eardley
    No tags, no microchip. It wound up at the SPCA.

    Animal neglect: Unfounded?
    Someone reported animal neglect and accumulation of rubbish and said they had reported it before. Officer could hear a dog barking but the area was secured and the officer couldn’t check it out. A previous case had been determined to be unfounded. Code enforcement was advised.

    Loss of passport and vehicle titles
    A person came into the station to report having lost his Mexican passport and the titles to two vehicles about two months ago. He was advised to do so by the consulate.

    Loss of jewelry…two years ago
    A woman who moved to Texas said that she has not been able to find her jewelry since the move.

    Snack attack
    Five juveniles were observed at a ball park on Alder Street. Four of them convinced the fifth to climb into the snack bar through a window and unlock the door so they could all have some snacks. They were observed by a neighbor.

    Burglary 13th St.
    Victim reported suspect took jewelry that had been placed on the table in the living room. No forced entry, no witnesses, no suspect information.

    Intent to shoplift
    A person walked into a business at Country Club Gate “with the intent to shoplift” and was confronted by an employee there. An altercation ensued. The items were returned and the suspect was admonished not to return.

    Mike’s answering service, please leave a message
    A phone was found and turned in. An officer called a number on it and was told that “Mike” would come get the phone.

    Suspect probably driving a truck.
    Someone stole a bench from in front of a business on Forest on 10/2/14.

    Burglary on Forest
    A person said that he went out to his vehicle on Forest and found the top had been torn and items had been taken.

    Check scam
    A man applied for a job on Craig’s List and received a check. Suspecting something hinky, he didn’t cash it, but rather destroyed it.

    Battery at laundry mat
    A woman reported that a male transient pushed her and called her names at a laundry mat on Forest. The man fled and though he was described, police could not find him.

    Mom was watching
    A mom on Beach St. looked out her window and saw two men in a large truck approach her 18 year-old daughter, who was on the beach across the street. The mother yelled at them. They made an obscene gesture at her and left.


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