• Cop log 10-17-14 to 10-24-14

    Lost Ring
    Lost ring, on Lighthouse Ave., between noon and 6:30 p.m.

    Shoplifting on Forest
    Suspect was seen taking merchandise without paying for it. The merchant’s loss prevention person detained him. He was cited and released.

    Petty theft on Forest
    A woman was arrested at a grocery store for theft. She was released on citation to appear.

    The old “I can fix your computer” scam didn’t work on her

    A woman reported someone with an East Indian accent called her and said she needed to turn on her computer so he could fix a Windows problem. She knew it was a scam and hung up on him, but she wanted to warn other citizens to be careful.

    In another attempted scam, a woman was told her son owed the IRS almost $5,000. She had two phone numbers. She did not give out any personal informa- tion, nor did she lose any money.

    Next time use disappearing ink
    A woman said her ex boyfriend had taken some letters back that he had written to her, in which he had apologized. She wanted them back to help her in a court case against him. But the police advised her that because they’d had a relationship and he’d had prior permission to enter the house, and because he was the one who had written the letters, she didn’t have a case.

    Dog vs. Dog: An unfriendly Eskimo kiss
    Zena, a Staffordshire/Pit Bull mix bit Uinta, a cattle dog mix, on the snout when they met on Ocean View Blvd. Owner pushed Zena off her dog and Uinta had a cut inside her mouth on the gum line, but Zena had no apparent injuries, Zena’s owner offered to pay vet bills.

    Attempted kidnapping
    Victim said she was walking home when a Hispanic male called out to her. She told him she wasn’t interested and continued walking. But he came up behind her and grabbed her arm. She pulled away and ran toward her house, almost getting hit by a vehicle. The male left the area on foot and was not found.

    Toddler toddling alone
    A 2-year-old was reported wandering around alone on Sinex Ave. The re- porting party stayed with him, and when the officer asked the child if he know where his house was, he took them to it. The father was surprised because he thought the boy was in the back yard.

    If it sounds too good to be true…
    A woman reported sending money via Western Union and Moneygram because she was promised large amounts of money in return. But it never hap- pened, and now she can’t pay her bills. Her bank is helping her oversee her withdrawals.

    Sometimes the parents are worse than the opposing team when the chips are down
    At Arnett Park, a mother who had been drinking yelled at a player who had tackled her son during a football game. She pulled a bike out from under him and allegedly put Cheetos down his shirt.

    Gun stolen sometime in the last 41/2 years
    A gun was recovered by MSCO deputy in Castroville. They asked the registered owner to file a report. He said no one had permission to use or borrow his firearm.

    Found money
    Currency found on the sidewalk was turned in.

    Burglary from vehicle on Chestnut
    The window was smashed and a purse was stolen from a locked vehicle.

    Petty theft on Forest
    A guy went into a store and filled a tool bag with merchandise, then paid for the bag with a credit card. S he was trying to place a garden cart in his vehicle, the store manager contacted him. He fled with the tool bag full of unpaid-for merchandise.

    False alarm
    Granite St.

    Traffic stop = found stolen property
    A person was pulled over on Ocean View and found to be unlicensed. There was possible stolen property in the vehicle. Investigation is ongoing.

    Rape of drugged victim
    Monterey Police forwarded a report of a rape to Pacific Grove for continued investigation as the crime occurred in Pacific Grove.

    Stolen alcohol
    Unknown subject stole two bottles of alcohol but escaped store employees and fled in a waiting vehicle. Possible suspect information.

    Trespasser and dog told to leave
    A transient woman was told to leave, but she and her dog refused and when it appeared she was becoming agitated, the reporting party called police. She was identified by her Colorado drivers license. She was advised not to return to Asilomar State Conference Center, and she left with her large adult dog, Leonardo.

    Walked check
    Someone came into a business on Lighthouse, ordered food and wine, and then left without paying.

    Stolen bicycle
    A bicycle was stolen from a hotel stairway on Ocean View.

    Loose dog returned
    Dog running loose on Sinex was held. Owner rescued him.

    Non-injury accidents
    David Ave., Ocean View Blvd., Pine Ave. Plus one hit and run on Ocean View. In that case, the vehicle was found by following a fluid trail.

    Nosy neighbor issue
    Reporting party keeps walking in on a guest at a residence on Surf. But the guest says the reporting party won’t leave and is just being nosy.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 31, 2014

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