• Cop log 10/11/14 – 10/17/14

    Unattended dog left in hot car
    A dog was reported left in a hot car on Ocean View Blvd.. Police removed it.

    License plate stolen
    A front license plate was stolen on Hillcrest.

     Wrong way driver arrested on DUI charge
    Timothy Albertson was driving the wrong way on a divided roadway on David. He was found to be driving under the influence with a blood alcohol of more than .08.

    Having a pre-game party?
    Someone entered the Safeway store and walked out with a 32-pack of beer without paying for it.

    iPhone lost; finder lost, too
    A woman lost her iPhone at Safeway and went back to see if anyone had found it. Yes, they said someone had found it and left the store with it. Surveillance video showed a family of three checking the phone at the checkstand.

     Loud party
    A neighbor complained about a loud party on Sunset. The host, who was intoxicated, was angry because he said he thought he should be allowed to have a party because it was the weekend. He was advised of the code about loud parties.

    Deer corner dog
    A little gold dog was cornered on the golf course by at least seven deer, ready to attack it. Employees rescued the dog and it was taken to the city yard. It was later retrieved by the owner. The deer were not charged.

     Bones thrown over the fence
    A person on Crocker said his neighbor throws dried bones over the fence. The reporting party is afraid that his dogs, which are rescue dogs, might choke on them.

    Lost stuff
    Backpack lost on Ocean View on 10/12/14.
    Purse lost on Lighthouse on 10/13/14

     Stored vehicle leaking
    A stored vehicle on Caledonia was reported to be leaking diesel fuel. It was deemed a hazard and was towed.

    Having a barbecue?
    Suspect entered a store on Forest and stole several bottles of alcoholic beverages and some steaks. Seen traveling north on Seaview from Prescott at a high rate of speed on a black 10-speed.

     And what exactly are you doing, sir?
    A person reported seeing a man at a park on Ocean View with his shorts hiked up and his hands in front of his groin. She figured he was either manipulating his genitals or urinating. When contacted, he denied doing anything inappropriate.

     Son gets IRS scam phone call
    A father received a call from his son who, in turn, had received a phone call from someone saying that he was from the IRS and that whoever had done his taxes had done them wrong and that the dad owed a lot of money. He scammer apparently did not ask for money but said the dad was being charged with tax evasion and that there was a warrant. The son said he was going to call the police. The police called the number on the caller ID but no one answered.

     Vehicle egged
    Victim’s vehicle was parked in front of their home on Gibson and someone egged it.

     Legit, but alarming
    An energy company called the reporting party and offered her a better deal on energy than she had, and gave her the last four digits of a checking account. The reporting party was alarmed about the energy company having personal information. But the police looked into it and said it was a legitimate company.

    Annoying band practice on Bayview
    Reporting party complained about band practice, especially the drum player, “holding it out.” When the officer arrived, there were two subjects playing guitar. They agreed to stop practicing for the day.

    Lulu on the loose on Spruce
    A brown Doberman was found on Spruce without a leash and no owner in sight. Her tags said her name was “Lulu.” A passerby said the dog belonged at the particular address. Officer contacted the owner who said the neighbor leaves the gate open and the dog gets out.

     Maybe it was fairy dust
    A person on Junipero said someone “blew” a white powder through his screen into the living room. It appeared to be harmless.

     Cracking window
    A woman on Piedmont reported hearing a noise and then noticing that her front window was cracking. There was no evidence of anything hitting the window.

    Also on Piedmont, a vehicle’s rear window was shattered. There was no evidence of the object that might have hit the window. Nothing was taken.

     Transient warned off
    A church on Lighthouse asked that a certain transient be told not to sleep on their property.

    Yet another scam
    A man representing himself as being from the “U.S, Government Grants Division” called a local man and said that he had been chosen to receive one of three grants and how did he want to receive the money? The caller was questioned and referred the officer to a “senior account person.” The “senior account person” said it was not a scam. But when the officer checked on the official government website, it said that it was, in fact, a scam.

     Threatened on Facebook?
    An anonymous person sent an email to the police department regarding a Facebook message which threatened harm to law enforcement and district attorney personnel. The matter was turned over to the district attorney’s office for investigation.

    The old Craigslist scam, this time with weights
    A man selling weights on Craigslist received a check for significantly more than the asking price. It was a fraudulent check.

     Needs more practice
    A woman riding her new mountain bike and talking on the phone via an earphone hit a bump and fell. She was wearing a helmet, but was transported to CHOMP and a friend was asked to walk the bike home.

    Bark bark bark redux
    A neighbor called to complain about a barking dog in his apartment complex. There was an ongoing dispute, apparently. Both neighbors and the landlord were talked to and agreed to amicably settle their differences.












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