• Cop Log 10/4/14 – 10/10/14

    Looking for the Communion wine? The collection plate?
    Employee of a church on Carmel Ave. said that an interior door had been forced open and cabinets had been opened. Nothing was taken, no suspect info.

    Not drunk,  just ill
    A motorists followed a suspected drunk driver to a parking lot and contacted police. But it was determine that the other driver wasn’t drunk, just in need of medical care.

    Assist at a fire
    Officers were called to assist at a garage fire on Junipero. The fire started in a trash can and spread to a tree and garage. Firefighters evacuated the residence and doused the fire. They are trying to determine the cause of the fire.

    Guess there was no ice cream
    A person left a vehicle with three grocery bags filled with food unlocked overnight on Asilomar Ave. The groceries were stolen.

    Boat expired, too
    A trailer with a boat was left parked on Hillcrest for longer than 72 hours. The registration was more than six months overdue and so was the registration on the boat.

    That’ll help your lawn mower performance!
    Neighbors on 8th are having ongoing differences. This time, one of them said the other had thrown metal rings over the fence to annoy her.

    False alarm on Austin
    Alarm was sounding but everything seemed to be secure except the registration on the alarm.

    Battery at bonfire
    The victim of a battery at a bonfire on Asilomar wants to press charges. Suspect not around. DA has the case now.

    The “Grandchild in Trouble” scam
    A woman said someone called and said they were her granddaughter, but the caller ID didn’t jive. She asked for the caller’s name but got no response. So she told the caller to call her on her cell phone, which of course they didn’t. Woman believes it was an attempted scam.

    One vehicle, many victims
    A woman backed into another vehicle on Lighthouse then accelerated over a curb and hit a second vehicle before backing into a business. Two were injured and transported to the hospital.

    Juvenile hit by car
    A juvenile ran across Sunset and was hit by a vehicle, She was airlifted to a trauma unit.

    Bark bark bark and threats of dogicide
    A person upset over the neighbor’s dog’s incessant barking allegedly threatened to kill it. When confronted by police, he says he didn’t threaten to kill the dog. Both were given options as to how to resolve the situation.

    Solo rollover on Forest
    A vehicle rolled over and ended up down a 15-foot embankment in a ditch. Driver was uninjured Vehicle was towed.

    Vicious dogs on Crocker
    Vicious dogs attacked and killed a cat in the cat owner’s fenced yard. Based on ta witness description, the owner and dogs were identified.

    It was stolen. No it wasn’t. Yes it was. No it wasn’t.
    Stolen vehicle on Oceanview. Report unfounded.

    Stolen credit card retrieved
    Credit card stolen was found in the possession of a suspect arrested in another city.

    Stolen credit card data not retrieved
    A person on 17 mile Drive reported credit card data was stolen.

    Alarm tripped on Lighthouse
    An employee was entering the proper code as police arrived, but the alarm company had not requested cancellation.

    Possible mountain lion at Rip Van Winkle
    A person reported seeing a mountain lion in the area of Rip Van Winkle on Congress. There were no other reports.

    Missing passport
    A person couldn’t find his passport and was advised by his consulate to report it to the police.

    Battery over stolen recyclables
    Reporting party was shoved by a person they’d told to leave their property on Pacific Grove Lane and to stop stealing recyclables.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 24, 2014

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