• Cop log 11-29-14 to 12-5-14

    Vehicle v. dog
    A man called to report that he thought he had struck a dog on Sunset, but that it ran off. Officers went to look but found nothing.

    Dog v. pedestrian
    A dog ran up to a pedestrian and chomped her pants leg when she was walking on Majella Rd. There was no skin contact but she said the dog owner was argumentative when she confronted him. Information only as it is in a neighboring jurisdiction.

    Dog v. coot
    Someone let their dog run loose on the golf course and it might have injured a coot. Owner and golf course management were contacted and advised about municipal code violation.

    Dogs out for a stroll
    Two dogs were reported at large near Central and Fountain. Later they were captured and taken to doggie jail at the city yard. Owner called looking for them and agreed to bail them out, which he did.

    Bark, bark, bark
    A neighbor complained about two dogs left outside and barking. Officer verified the barking and left word for the owner.

    A person complained about a dog barking but did not give an address. Officer in the area couldn’t find a barking dog, but a person pointed to a house so they checked it out. After five minutes, a dog barked once. The owner was contacted and said she didn’t understand why the neighbor didn’t just knock on her door and talk about it. The same reporting party had done this before and took the dog owner to court but did not show up for the court date.

    Purse taken from shopping cart at County Club Gate.
    A locked bicycle was stolen on Ocean View Blvd.

    Thefts from parked cars
    Window was smashed and items were stolen from a parked car on Glen Lake Dr.
    At first some property was reported as lost. Later the victim reported additional items were taken from his locked vehicle on Forest Ave.
    A parked, locked vehicle on Sunset was broken into and several valuable items, visible on the passenger seat, were taken.

    Walking under the influence
    Officer observed a female wearing a backpack but no shoes, walking on Ocean View. She walked in a manner that led the officer to suspect she was under the influence of a stimulant. She was contacted and found to be under the influence of methamphet- amine. She is a known addict. Turns out she’d just found out she’s pregnant. She was transported to CHOMP.

    Lost and found
    Caller reported a lost wallet.
    Some money was found on the street and turned in to the police desk. Something was found and turned in, later turned over for destruction. Must have been something naughty because the police log didn’t say what it was.

    Keys but no key
    A residential alarm was activated. The daughter of the homeowner had the keys but not the passkey. Parents verified that it was OK for her to enter the home. Alarm is registered with PGPD.

    Hammer but no key
    A woman was reported trying to break a window with a hammer. She said she was a new tenant and had locked herself out. She was able to prove that she is the tenant.

    Door A Jar
    The alarm at a building on Pine sounded and the door was found to be ajar. The building was secured.
    A business alarm sounded on Central but the building was secure.

    Expired registration
    A vehicle on Carmel was towed for expired registration (March).
    A vehicle on Lincoln was reported to not only have expired registration, but to be parked on City easement. As the tow was being arranged, the owner showed up and asked to be allowed to move it onto his property (next door). Permission was granted and the car was towed to his property.

    Apartment burglarized
    A woman came home to find her apartment on Pacific Grove Lane had been burglarized. She cleaned up the mess and called the apartment manager. Date and time of burglary unknown.

    Trespasser booked for violation of probation
    Officer was dispatched for the second time on a report of trespassing. The trespasser was found to be in violation of probation and was booked and released on a promise to appear.

    Trespasser not found
    A homeowner said there was a transient possibly camping in their back yard on Sunset. He was not found but will be admonished when he is.

    Identity theft
    A woman reported her store credit card had been used.
    Another person reported their Social Security number had been used for employment.
    Another case of stolen credit card on Alder was also reported.

    Theft during P.E. class
    Two students reported thefts during P.E. class. One had money stolen and the other said her cell phone was taken.

    Solo spinout on a rainy day
    A female driver on Forest Ave. lost control of her car and spun out. She admitted she was going too fast for rainy conditions.

    Fell for the kid in custody scam. Boo.
    A man called a woman on Briggs and claimed he had her son in custody in Mexico. She sent money to an address in Haiti, only to learn her son was fine and she had been scammed.

    Annoying phone call call
    Two suspects called the reporting party and her husband at work after she had terminated one of them for being disruptive at work. She wanted an admonishment given to the suspects not to return to the victim’s business.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 12, 2014

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