• Cop Log 11/16/14-11/21/14

    Lost and found
    Citizen turned in a wallet found on 17th St. Credit cards belonging to an individual and a business helped ID the owner, who picked it up later.
    Lost wallet reported. It was lost on Asilomar.
    Found money clip. Reporting party couldn’t remember where it was found. Lost wallet reported somewhere on Ocean View Blvd.
    ID card lost by foreign visitor. She needed a report made.

    Police Reserve Officers help at Marathon
    Three reserve officers helped at the Big Sur Half Marathon, providing traffic, crowd and race control. Multiple contacts with spectators and race crew regarding safety of each. Set up and tear down of race course. Medical call at Lovers Point.

    Vacation home scam on Craigslist
    A man responded to an ad on Craigslist regarding a vacation home on Siren St. Reporting party sent money to rent the home via wire transfer to a location in Florida. When he showed up to stay there and couldn’t get in, he contacted the true owner via signs posted at the property.

    Welfare check
    A citizen requested a welfare check because their elderly father had invited a transient woman to stay there. The woman had begun displaying signs of mental illness and the father said he wanted her to leave. When the officers talked with her, she packed up and left voluntarily.

    Intoxicated juvenile
    A female juvenile was observed to be intoxicated on Sunset. She was released to her mother’s care.

    Cars towed
    One was posted for race course. One had expired plates.
    A third vehicle was blocking a driveway and had plates expired more than a year.

    Burglary from vehicle
    A car on Chestnut St. was broken into and various items were taken. The suspect left some sunglasses behind. It was discovered that a motion light behind the vehicle was broken.

    Trip and fall on Laurel
    An elderly man tripped and fell over a storm drain cover which had been left ajar. He suffered minor injury and an abrasion which bled. His blood pressure dropped significantly so he was transported to the hospital for treatment.

    Theft from front yard
    On Fountain, a bike located in the front yard was stolen. No witnesses, no suspects.

    Didn’t want them sunny side up?
    A couple was arguing in the street on Lighthouse apparently over breakfast. Not a physical altercation, just a noisy one. He wanted her to apologize.

    Vehicle 0, Animal 1
    A man was traveling on Pine Ave. over the speed limit when he claims an animal ran across the street in front of him. He swerved to miss it, it the curb and the vehicle overturned. No one else involved, no injuries. Vehicle towed.

    Non-injury solo accident
    Woman sideswiped parked car as she was turning left onto Ocean View. Moderate damage to both vehicles.

    IRS Scam strikes again
    A woman said someone claiming to be from the IRS called and said she had to pay a huge mount of money. She didn’t do it, thank heavens.

    Theft of tools on Grove St. during daylight
    Toolbox was in a secured carport. The lock was broken and various tools were taken.

    Beeping on Grand Ave.
    A faint beeping noise emanated from the residence and could be heard all the way out on the street. The owner, reached by phone, said they’d just purchased the property and would call the alarm company to fix the beeping.

    Harassment on Twitter by Sex Offender
    The reporting party’s daughter, a minor, was tweeting about a recent football victory when an individual made several comments, some of which were sexual in nature. The daughter’s boyfriend did a search on Google and found that the owner of the Twitter account who had answered her was a registered sex offender. Though the offender made several more comments on the same date, he has not made any comments since the date of the game.

    New term: “Footbail”
    Two subjects were observed loitering in a school area after hours. Officer had previously tried to contact a subject about a burglary attempt and as the officer was still behind the wheel, back-up was requested. Officer got out of the car and re-established contact with one of the subjects and gave chase on foot. Subjects continued to footbail. Officer unable to corner them due to lack of manpower to set up a perimeter.

    PG&E Scam Strokes Two
    A business owner was contacted by someone claiming to be from PG&E, and who said that they owed $1000 and their power would be shut off if they didn’t pay within the hour. PG&E was contacted, and they said they would never do that. At least not within the hour.
    In another incident, a woman was very nearly victimized by the same scam, but the bank knew the trick and told her not to do it. The power was not turned off.

    Vandalism to tire
    A woman’s tire was slashed while the car was parked in its assigned spot on Arkwright Ct.

    Security at football game
    Officers provided gate security at the high school football playoff. Answered questions, passed badges and playing cards out to children. Provided cover for patrol on three calls.

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