• Cop Log 11/2/14-11/7/14

    Homeless man asked to sleep elsewhere
    A property owner on 12th St. asked that a homeless man be told to sleep elsewhere. He was.

    Leaning Lamp Post of 16th St.
    A lamp post in a public park was reported leaning after the recent heavy rain. The officer laid it over and cordoned off the glass to protect the public, then notified Public Works.

    Lost cell phone
    Muni lot at Fandango.

    Found bag and sweater
    A black bag with a gray sweater was found on a bench on Lighthouse. Its at the police station if you have the matching slacks.

    Bear well known to police
    Bear was found at large again. He was hanging out at the high school. He was lodged in the kennels and Bear’s owner was cited.

    Tire slashed on Pacific
    Owner reports her tire was slashed over the weekend. She suspects a certain neighbor.

    Hangup hangup
    Reporting party says she has received a phone call once every other day where the caller doesn’t respond, so she hangs up. She doesn’t have caller ID, but has a suspect. The suspect denies making the calls. We get those here at the office about three times a day, but we figure it’s Google.

    Switched jewelry?
    A woman reported she took a bracelet in to have it resized. When she got it back she took a close look and decided her jewelry had been switched. The employer said it was a civil matter if his employee had switched it, and she’d have to take it to small claims court. The police contacted the employee as a courtesy and he insisted it was hers, and offered to take a lie detector test.

    Bicycle stolen
    A bicycle with a child carrier was left unattended outside the victim’s residence on Mermaid and was stolen.

    Stolen vehicle recovered
    A stolen vehicle was recovered on Moreland Ave. and towed from the scene.

    Sibling rivalry
    Two brothers were fighting in a public place on Forest. They were separated and one was allowed to leave for the night to cool off.

    Battery at school
    Female battered, perpetrator suspended.

    Vehicle fire on Asilomar: Thunking suspected
    Woman said she was driving and heard a thunking noise under the hood. The car died and then the front of it burst into flames. Fire personnel said it was likely mechanical. She said it is regularly maintained. Vehicle towed.

    Skateboarding under the influence
    Man skateboarding was thought to be intoxicated. He was provided a courtesy ride home.

    Bounced consignment, bounced check
    A man on Forest accepted property for consignment at his store, then closed the store. He wrote a rubber check to the reporting party. He claims he still has the property and agreed to meet with officers to try to return the property.

    Something found
    Someone1 reported something found on Central belonging to someone2. Someone2 didn’t respond so something was left with police.

    Dog v. dog
    Past tense dog biting dog reported on Carmel Ave.




    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 14, 2014

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