• Cop Log 11/22/14-11/29/14

    Cell phone stuff
    Driver seen talking on a cell phone. Traffic stop conducted – driver has a suspended license. Now he has a big ticket.
    Cell phone lost near Sunset Dr.
    Cell phone reported lost. Location unknown.
    Father reports possible narcotics activity on his son’s cell phone.

    Found stuff
    Found a check and drivers license belonging to a wanted person. Wallet found on 9th St.

    Defrauding innkeepers
    Someone ate breakfast at a restaurant on Lighthouse and ran out without paying.
    Subject paid for first night and inn failed to charge for second night. Subject left his ID and credit card and said he’d return with cash, but he hadn’t as of the police report filing.

    False alarms
    Lighthouse Ave.: Employee accidentally entered wrong code.
    Lighthouse Ave.: Exterior was secure. Responsible party arrived and inte- rior was checked an secured as well.
    Briggs Ave.: Exterior secured.

    Off their meds
    A man was disturbing customers at Country Club Gate. Known to suffer from mental illness. He left when he was asked to.
    Man misbehaving in parking lot. Third confrontation today. He agreed to be transported to CHOMP.
    Male displayed a firearm in his waistband and said he was a police officer. Has a history of drug abuse. Story may be unfounded.

    Country Cub Gate: Subject tried to walk off with stolen merchandise but was intercepted. He was told not to return.

    Lock your cars!
    An unlocked vehicle was ransacked on 6th St. Nothing missing at first report.
    An unlocked vehicle was ransacked on Shafter and stuff was stolen. Backpack stolen from unlocked vehicle on Shafter.
    Change stolen from a cup holder over night on Buena Vista. Car had been left unlocked.
    Two vehicles entered at the same residence on Shafter. Nothing taken. Vehicle left parked and unlocked in driveway on 9th St. Auto manual and registration were taken.
    Unlocked vehicle left in driveway on Funston Ave. A few items were taken.

    Sometimes even locking vehicles isn’t enough
    Locked vehicle ransacked on Monterey Ave. No evidence of use of tool to enter it.
    Unknown tool used to enter two locked vehicles parked in the street on 4 Ave. Both vehicles have alarms but alarms were not activated.
    Vehicle left parked and locked on 4th St. and was broken into. No force marks or scratches. No witnesses no suspects.

    Non-injury accidents
    Vehicle vs. sign on Presidio.
    Semi with cargo struck light post on Lighthouse while parking. Public Works cleaned up the mess.
    On Sunset Dr.: Two vehicles involved. Major damage to both, both towed. Exchange of information on Eardley.

    Sleeping in unusual places
    Two people had set up a camplette on an apartment roof, consisting of a suitcase, pillows, and lawn chairs. They were contacted and retrieved their stuff. They were advised not to return or they’d face trespassing charges.
    Subject was sleeping on his neighbor’s front porch on Cedar St. He was intoxicated. He was also on probation with an alcohol prohibition.
    Suspect was found asleep in the victim’s residence on Mermaid. He was arrested, booked, and transported to County Jail.

    A man visiting relatives got drunk and they wouldn’t allow him to drive. The police had to return three times to mediate, and on the third trip he was contacted outside the residence so he was taken into custody for public intoxication. He was taken to Monterey PD jail and held until sober, then released.

    No vacation home there
    Past tense theft of money for a vacation home ad on Craigslist. Victim deposited money into suspect’s bank account. Suspect identified himself in an email as a fraud from Africa and said the police won’t catch him outside the country.

    Trespassing: No carnivores wanted
    A woman was harassing customers as they left a grocery store and follow- ing them to their cars, fussing about the cruelty of consuming meat. She was asked to leave and as it is private property, she was advised that if she returned it would be considered trespassing. She left.

    Security at football game
    Officers provided security at high school football game, including integrity of the field and safety of spectators. Answered numerous questions from citizens about issues in the city.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 5, 2014

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