• Cop log 11/8/14 – 11/14/14

    He said, he said, then he said
    Adult woman angry because male juvenile posting three defaming comments on a social medial website. Officer spoke to the juvenile’s mother and she apologized.

    Making nice
    Neighbor yelled at reporting party and her children for being noisy. Neighbor contacted and apologized; reporting party agreed to take her children elsewhere to play. Both expressed remorse for the way the situation was handled and agreed to be more neighborly in the future.

    Head over handlebars
    A uninvolved witness reported that a woman rode a bike downhill at a high rate of speed. Someone opened a car door in her path and she applied the brakes too hard, causing an endo. She was transported to hospital via ambulance.

    They got what they wanted
    Victim reported someone took his wallet from his unlocked vehicle, took the money from it, and then put the rest of the contents in his mailbox.

    Lives too close to civilization
    Unknown white male adult in his early 20s has been hanging out at apartment complex and consuming alcohol. He was seen urinating off the 3rd floor balcony. If he comes back, RP is to call PGPD and he’ll be admonished for trespassing.

    Just what the thief wanted!
    Somebody smashed a parked vehicle window. A diaper bag was taken.

    Parked cars clipped
    By a moving vehicle on Congress.

    How did he do it?
    Someone stole a fire pit from a residence on Short St.

    Curfew violation
    On Cedar St. Contacted on a pedestrian check.

    Found dog
    A dog was brought into the lobby by a boy. He’d been found on Laurel, was earlier seen on Eardley.

    Found at Lovers Pt. Grill
    A backpack and a purse.

    Something found at George Washington Park and taken to the station.
    Bicycle found on Ocean View Blvd. and taken to the station.
    Bat and rusty machete found on the railway trail near Pico. Taken to the station
    and destroyed.

    Dog vs. dog
    A woman said she was walking her Doberman pinscher on Asilomar Beach when a golden lab or similar attacked it. The dobie got away without injury. She tried to call down the dog’s owner but they took off.

    Took off with the dough
    Property management company reports former employee embezzled a lot of money. Investigation still open.

    Intoxicated juvenile in the bushes on Cedar St. Guardians contacted.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 21, 2014

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