• Cop log 12/14/14 to 12/19/14

    Vehicles Towed for Special Event
    Four vehicles were found parked in the “No Parking” zone marked off for the Jingle Bell Run. Other than that, four officers had a good time providing support for the race and contacting several children and residents with questions about the event.

    Attempted break-in
    Someone damaged a front door on Forest Avenue, possibly trying to break in. Nothing taken, no suspects.

    No Assault, No Battery
    Reported calling officers to Ocean View Blvd. turned out to be unfounded.

    Lost and/or found
    A wallet was lost on 17th Street.
    A chain link bracelet was found on Ocean View and turned in.
    A wallet was found in a cart at a shopping center on Forest.
    A necklace was lost on Ocean View.
    A wallet was lost on David Ave.

    Bark, bark, bark
    Reporting party said that Party 1 was always complaining about all the neighbors’ dogs, but recently has become verbally aggressive toward the RP and his wife. RP wanted the officer to tell Party 1 to call the animal control officer instead of confronting him or his wife. He was advised on how to obtain a civil restraining order. Party 1 was advised to call the Animal Control Officer.

    Info Exchange
    A woman backed out of her garage and whacked a parked vehicle. Officer observed scratches on both vehicles.

    Body double
    Victim came into the station to report her Instagram account had been hacked and that a nude picture was posted, purportedly of her. But it’s not. She was not required to prove it.

    None of their business. Or maybe it was.
    A woman came into the station to complain about receiving a letter that requested a lot of information from her if she was doing business at a certain location. It had to do with licensing. It was explained to her that she needed to fill if out if she was, in fact, doing business there.

    When is an alarm not an alarm?
    An alarm was sounding from a vacant house on Locust Street. A window was open, but otherwise the house appeared secure. Turns out the alarm wasn’t from the window, but from water in the basement. The owners were notified.

    Another alarm
    An alarm sounded on Forest Ave. Exterior and interior of the building were secured.

    Replica guns turned in
    A student reported that another student had a gun and showed the SRO a photo. It turned out to be a replica. The mother turned all the replica guns over to the police for destruction.

    Handyman not so handy
    Reporting party said her handyman has worn out his welcome. She began noticing that he appeared to be intoxicated and was doing a poor job. When he showed up at night drunk she decided to ask that he be admonished for trespassing. Police left him a voicemail requesting contact.

    Expired tags: Vehicle towed
    Tags were more than six months out of date. Vehicle from Crocker Ave. was taken for storage.
    A vehicle on Lincoln Ave. was also towed. It was parked in such a way as to cause a hazard. The registration was expired.

    Shopping in the way
    A female customer had piled up 30 items or so at the front checkout and store staff said she was causing problems for other customers. They moved her stuff to the back of the store and she created a scene. When officers arrived, she was sitting in her van out front on the street and refused to get out, though she was the one who had called the police. Per staff, she was told she wasn’t welcome at the business any more.

    Diversion tactic
    A couple came into a store on Lighthouse. The man created a diversion while the woman snitched stuff.


    Mobile Christmas Tree
    A woman called to report that someone had moved her Christmas tree. She was to get her locks changed.

    [sigh] Lock your car
    Stuff was taken from an unlocked vehicle on Granite.
    Same thing happened on Jewell.

    Non-injury property damage incidents
    On Congress Ave.
    On Eardley.
    On Forest.
    On Lighthouse. 


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