• Cop Log 12/20/14-12/26/14

    The morning after the night before
    Neighbors complained about a loud party at a rental next door. Said there were 100 people. Code enforcement also checked out debris on the premises.

    Fender benders
    On Central: Vehicle collided with another vehicle while trying to park.
    On Eardley: Hit and run by unknown vehicle resulting in minor damage to parked vehicle.
    Vehicle vs. trailer on Grove Acre.

    Beach rescue, much bawling out
    Struggling swimmers were assisted from large waves to the beach by local surfers before State Parks rescue swimmers arrived. PGPD, Monterey Fire and State Parks officer all gave verbal warning about the dangers of swimming in extremely high surf.

    Driver found to be under the influence. Joseph Lopez was booked and released on a citation to appear.

    Injury collisions
    Vehicle rollover on Central. Driver of vehicle 1 was taken to the trauma center. Both vehicles were towed.
    Vehicle struck two pedestrians. Minor injury complaint and no damage to vehicle.

    Dave’s not here
    A male was reported knocking on the door of a business after hours. Said his friend lived there. Friend’s name started with a “T” but he couldn’t remember the rest. He was determined to be in need of medical attention and was transported to the hospital.

    Dog, lost dog, found dog, barking dog, no dog found
    A dog was reported lost from 18th St.
    A dog was found on Del Monte Blvd. No indication whether it might have been the lost dog from 18th St.
    A dog was found on 17 Mile Drive, too.
    A barking dog was reported, but it wasn’t barking when the officer went to Ripple Ave. to check.

    Lost checkbook
    Reported by owner.

    Pursuit abandoned due to reckless driving
    A motorcyclist was observed driving recklessly on Ocean View. Officer attempted to catch up, but the motorcyclist sped up and got even more reckless so the officer abandoned pursuit rather than endanger the public.

    Abandoned vehicles towed.
    On 12th St. Registration expired in 2007.
    On Esplanade. Two flat tires. Expired registration

    Found bicycles
    Two small girl’s bicycles were found in the rear parking area of a shopping center at County Club Gate. No similars had been reported stolen or missing.

    License plate stolen
    Recovered later minus the 2015 tag.

    A juvenile threw coffee on the reporting party’s car. He admitted he’d done it and his mother was contacted. He was verbally warned and counselled by the officer and his mother.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 2, 2015

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