• Cop Log 12/27/14-01/02/15

    Loitering? Peeping? Generally Snooping?  
    A party on Lobos reported that someone was walking around on the side of the house. Police observed footprints but no person

    License plates aren’t flammable
    A smoldering campfire on the beach along Ocean View Blvd. Revealed damaged city property and a stolen license plate.

    Lost and found
    Someone called about a lost wallet.
    A drivers license found on Ransford was turned in.
    Wallet lost somewhere on 17 Mile Drive between Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach.
    Lost and found employment ID card. Returned by mail.
    American Express card found by Lovers Point and turned in to police officer.
    Two dogs lost, found, returned to owner.
    Wallet lost on Ocean View Blvd.
    A male vizsla was found and later returned to his owner.

    Knock, knock
    A suspicious person was reported going from door to door on Sunset and making non-sensical statements to neighbors. Another reporting party said he took a box from a mailbox. When contacted by police, he said he was transient and was just being neighborly to the occupants of the residence. He didn’t have anything on his person that didn’t belong to him. He was given a trespass admonishment.

    Non-injury accidents
    On Spruce. Driver cited for expired drivers license.
    A police officer tapped another vehicle at a stop sign on Eardley. No damage or injury to either party.
    On Eardley again, vehicle struck by another vehicle in heavy traffic. Minor damage to left rear light. The victim didn’t want a full blown report but wanted the incident documented in case he sees the other vehicle again.
    On Forest, a car tried to pass a muni bus that had merged and hit the bus. Driver ran a red light and hit another car. Vehicle 1 was towed.
    On Central.

    Stuff stolen from porch
    A person reported having several boxes delivered to his front porch which were stolen.

    Light pollution
    A person on Hillcrest reported that her neighbor has a floodlight that shines in her window at night and keeps her awake. She was informed that there is no light pollution ordinance. She was advised to contact the city council.

    Another crabby neighbor
    A woman on 17th said that her neighbor harassed her about doing yard work and said it was illegal. She wanted him contacted and told to leave her alone. Officer left a business card for the neighbor to call.

    Alarm activations
    Residence on Ocean View. Secure.
    Business on Lighthouse. Secure.
    On Shell, a roofer accidentally set it off. House sitter said he had permission to be up there fixing the roof.
    On Central. Thinks the alarm was triggered by balloons.
    On Lighthouse. Front door was unlocked, but interior appeared to be undisturbed.Officer reset the alarm but couldn’t lock the door, so they kept it under close surveillance until the owner arrived with a key.

    Combative combatant
    Subject became resistant and would not follow police orders as they attempted to restore peace during a physical altercation. Subject was arrested and transported to Monterey County jail.

    Someone intentionally knocked the mirror off the victim’s vehicle on Central Ave.

    Suspicious phone calls
    Reporting party said they had been receiving suspicious phone calls from someone saying they had won a million dollars. Police called the number and were told it was a wrong number.

    Slow leak
    A person on Locust said that several pieces of jewelry had been taken from her residence over the past year.

    The Repo Man Cometh
    Arkwright Court.
    Forest Hill Blvd.

    Theft of laptop from hotel room
    Asilomar Ave. They checked in, left their stuff in the room, went for a drive, and bam! When they got back the laptop was missing.

    Mysterious dog bite
    Reporting party said he’d been bitten by a dog on a leash. No evidence of a dog bite, but he was transported to CHOMP by ambulance as requested.

    Dog misses Dad: Bark, Bark, Bark
    On Shell Ave., a neighbor complained about a barking dog. The owner, when contacted, said he would notify the pet sitter to take the dog inside when unattended.

    Trip and fall x 2
    A woman tripped and fell on Lighthouse and her husband fell when he tried to help her. There seemed to have been no abnormalities in the sidewalk. She was transported to the hospital.

    Citizen assist
    An elderly woman became disoriented downtown so she was given a courtesy ride home and a priority re-exam for drivers license.

    Tree vs. house
    An officer noticed a branch had fallen on a porch. Owners/residents were not around. Fight avoided. Hollering was not.
    On Arkwright Ct., a group of juvenile males was hollering for reporting party to fight them. Unable to locate the juveniles.

    Attempted rape, drugged drink
    A woman met up with a man in Monterey and they came to Pacific Grove. She left a beer unattended with the man, and later when she drank it she felt “drunk.” She thinks he drugged it.

    Drunk and underage
    An 18 year-old male was observed walking on Sinex and was visibly intoxicated. He was very cooperative and admitted having drunk alcohol but would not say where he got it. He was taken home to his mother.

    A golf ball shattered the window on a rental car but no one would own up. One man said it had come through a hole in the netting. Employees are checking with customers.

    Dave’s still not home
    A man was banging on an apartment door and the apartment tenant said he didn’t know him. The man was intoxicated. He was arrested and taken to the station for disorderly conduct at which point he claimed he had a medical emergency and was transport to the hospital.

    Recidivist pit bulls
    Pit bulls were at large again, having apparently escaped their electric fence. Owner has been cited before and got cited again.

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