• Cop Log 1/24/15 to 1/30/15

    Officer observed driver commit several traffic violations. During a traffic stop it was determined that Jonghee Yi was under the influence. Driver was arrested, cited and released.

    Crabby Poodle
    On Jan. 14, reporting party was at Rip Van Winkle Park. A large, caramel-colored standard poodle barked at her. She knows not to engage unfamiliar dogsshe says, so she turned away. But when it barked again she turned around and it bit her on the hand causing bleeding.

    Cyclist rode away
    Reporting party said a cyclist rode between two parked vehicles directly in front of a moving vehicle. The driver was unable to stop and struck the bike. The car sustained damage but the cyclist rode away.

    Dog comes first
    An elderly woman fell, having tripped while walking her dog. She required transport to the hospital, and a neighbor walked the dog home. The injured party wanted to be sure the dog was in its kennel and the house was locked, as well as needing a certain list of phone numbers. She gave her keys to the officer who checked on the dog, located the list, then locked the house and returned the keys to the woman.

    Credit card fraud
    Victim reported that two department store credit cards were open in his name and close to $2,000 was charged.

    Rug stolen
    A woman put a Persian rug in her driveway on Junipero to dry. Two unknown males stole it.

    Vandalism to yard furniture
    On Lighthouse.

    Sewer snake injures employee
    At City Hall.

    Decided to be civil
    After having been reported as a hit and run, the reporting party thought about an incident in which he’d been involved a couple of days earlier. The police located the other driver and the reporting party said he wanted to handle the matter civilly.

    Molesting a Monarch
    Reporting party told a docent that a female was trying to grab a butterfly.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 6, 2015

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