• Cop Log 12/7/14 to 12/12/14

    Ghost Driver Becomes Drunk Driver
    Officers responding to an injury traffic collision instead found a severely damaged but unoccupied vehicle that had gotten into a contest with a tree. The driver was later located at his home and admitted to drinking, speeding, and having been involved in a collision.

    The family that shoplifts together…
    At County Club Gate. Both husband and wife received trespass admonishment. She was cited and released.

    Ammo turned in
    For destruction.

    Custom Skateboard Stolen
    From Short Street.

    Fire rescue assist
    Subject was pulled from an apartment which was filled with smoke. Transported to CHOMP.

    Accidental Alarm Activation
    Subject let his dogs out and forgot to turn the silent alarm off. Also couldn’t find his cell phone to alrt the alarm company.

    False Alarm
    It was reported that a window had been smashed and that a responsible party was en route. But there was no broken window.

    Wallet, on Ocean View.
    Purse belonging to military person. Unable to reach, message left on Facebook.

    Traffic mishaps
    On Forest, driver opened his door into traffic. It was struck, and damaged enough that it had to be towed.
    Non-injury accident on private property (Lighthouse Ave.).

    Two bicycle locks were cut off and the bicycles stolen on David Ave.
    Victim reports that an unknown male was trying to steal oil from his vehicle on 8th Street.
    Stuff was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Forest Ave. overnight.
    Christmas ornaments stolen on 6th. Possible suspect leads.

    Drunk in the road
    A woman was lying in the road. Reporting party thought she was injured but she was drunk and unable to care for herself. She was turned over to a responsible party after the ambulance crew checked her over.

    Ex Co-Worker Harassing
    The owner of a business on Lighthouse reported that an ex-employee was making annoying phone calls to other employees. He requested trespass admonishment as well as information about restraining orders and civil law.

    A person on Glen Lake advised that a home on Ransford has water running off the back yard and he was worried about a mudslide. The owner of the property on Ransford said it was clear of debris and is rain runoff.

    Public intoxication arrest
    At Country Club Gate.

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