• Cop Log 1/31/15-2/6/15

    Traffic violation leads to stolen stuff
    A vehicle was pulled over for a traffic violation. Driver was a known drug user and felony probationer. A search of the vehicle turned up drug paraphernalia and stolen stuff. Branden Joseph Cardoza was booked, cited and released and the vehicle towed.

    Driving while fighting
    A driver involved in a fight with her male passenger rear-ended another car stopped in front of her. Janelle Marie Perez was DUI as well. No one was injured.

    Dog kills cat
    An unattended cat was killed by an unattended dog in their apartment complex.

    Theft from vehicles
    Truck parked in the garage on Shell Ave.
    On Asilomar: Property taken. Suspect vehicle and suspect captured on surveillance video.
    Window broken but nothing taken on Pacific Grove Lane.

    New Scam: “Loyalty Bonus”
    A woman on Lincoln received a call from someone purporting to be from the U.S. Treasury and offering her a “Loyalty Bonus” for paying her taxes on time. They wanted her to call a different number to find out how to claim her bonus. She didn’t do it.

    Recidivist barker
    A person reported that a dog on 2nd street has begun barking again after being quiet for months. Owner contacted.

    Should be an ex-friend
    Victim on 16th St. reported being punched and pushed by an “old friend.”

    Alarm activations
    Willow. Lighthouse. 17th. Jewell.

    Non-injury or solo accidents
    David Ave. Lighthouse Ave. Pine Ave. 19th St.

    Tree fall
    A tree fell on the neighbor’s house on Pico Ave.

    Welfare Checks
    19th St., Arkwright Ct. Redwood Ln. Central Ave. Crocker Ave., Asilomar Ave.

    Domestic Disputes and Disorderly People and Unreasonable Noises Other Than Barking Dogs
    Montecito Ave. Lighthouse Ave. Monterey Ave.

    Lost Stuff Turned In
    Keys. Cell phone. Dog.

    Lost Stuff Still Lost
    An electronic storage device.

    Um…Excuse me…
    A woman delivering a newspaper to a disabled person said that an elderly man with his pants undone and exposing his genitals answered the door.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 13, 2015

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