• Cop Log

    Cop Log

    Suspicious drone or fun toy?
    A subject was called in as being suspicious because he was flying a helicopter
    near the shore.
    Suspicious bullet
    A bullet was found by the reporting party’s home. It looked as if it had been
    run over or smooshed with pliers.
    Suspicious job offer: Too good to be true?
    A woman reported that she had applied for several jobs through Craigs List
    and that she received contact from a man who said he was going to extend a
    job offer to her and that he was sending her a $500 check. She was to take the
    check and spend the difference between a week’s pay and $500 on gifts for an
    orphanage. She got suspicious. She was told by the police officer to take the
    check to them if it should arrive.
    Suspicious visitor
    A woman reported that an Hispanic male in his 30s to 40s has gone by her
    work (she is off on disability) on several occasions, asking for her. She does
    not know him. The day she reported it to the police, he actually knocked on her
    door and her sister answered and said she wasn’t there.
    Suspicious Chinese Take-Out
    A person came by the police station to report that someone had thrown a
    box of Chinese food on the rear window of his car while it was parked overnight
    on 16th Street.
    Breaking and entering church
    A bad guy broke a window and attempted to enter a church on 12th Street.
    He was identified and arrested, booked at PGPD and released.
    Cell phone message
    A cell phone was found on Ocean View. It had a text message about calling
    the police, which apparently was sent by the owner when they realized it was
    lost. The owner retrieved it and unlocked it.
    A wallet on Grove Acre
    A California drivers license on Lighthouse
    Search for a prospective baseball player?
    A person on Lighthouse reported that someone had stolen a pitching machine
    from his carport.
    Facebook postings
    A former employee was reported as having posted messages on Facebook
    which were direted at specific teachers. While no threats were made, the teachers
    felt uneasy. School district has consulted with legal counsel to discuss options.
    Not my purchase
    Reporting party said someone used her husband’s credit card for a purchase
    on EBat. They cancelled the card and got their money back.
    A woman reported that she had been raped by an unknown assailant while
    walking in Monterey the night before.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 7, 2014

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